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Existing WebUITypeEditors

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  1. Andree
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    44 posts
    11 Jan 2010
    13 Jan 2010
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    Hi Ivan + co,

    In my writing of custom controls, I have been implementing of properties that link to existing pages within the Cms, and to existing lists.

    To link to existing pages within the user control properties it's been fairly simple, I have referenced the existing UrlEditorWrapper like so:

    [WebEditor("Telerik.Cms.Web.UI.UrlEditorWrapper, Telerik.Cms")]  
    public string Url { getset; } 

    This is fine, when a user clicks on "Edit" within the page editor, they get a Select button next to that property that brings up the site hierarchy tree.

    However, I am in need of doing a similar thing for lists - I need a user control to be able to bring up a display of existing Lists and to select one. Having had a look through object browser, I can see there's a Telerik.Lists.WebControls.ListSelector, but I haven't managed to get it up and running. I have the following code in place:
        /// <summary>  
        /// List  
        /// </summary>  
        [Description("List to get quotes from")]  
        [DisplayName("Quote list")]  
        [WebEditor("Telerik.Lists.WebControls.ListSelector, Telerik.Lists")]  
        [TypeConverter("Telerik.Lists.WebControls.ListIdsConverter, Telerik.Lists")]  
        public Guid[] ListId  
            get { return listId; }  
            set { listId = value; }  

    But whenever I click on Select, I get the following exception:

    The required property 'ProviderName' in the control of type 'sitefinity_usercontrols_eularis_quotebox_ascx'

    I'm obviously not configuring this editor correctly, or its the wrong editor to use.

    Could you guide me as to where I should be looking for a lists selector?

    Also, is there anywhere which lists all pre-available WebUITypeEditors for existing modules?


  2. Ivan Dimitrov
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    16072 posts
    16 Jun 2017
    13 Jan 2010
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    Hi Alvaro,

    Please take a look at this post which show how to use Lists selector.

    All the best,
    Ivan Dimitrov
    the Telerik team

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  3. Andree
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    44 posts
    11 Jan 2010
    13 Jan 2010
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    Hi Ivan,

    Thanks for that. Your posting listing all available editors and an explanation of each one would make a great Knowledge Base article.

    In my code, I was using the appropriate WebEditor but I'm getting this ProviderName exception - I'm assuming this is probably a configuration issue within the Web.config - any hints as to where I should be looking to sort this?

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3 posts, 1 answered