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Multiple Domain Configuration - 1 site with E-Commerce, 1 site without

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  1. Apptain
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    30 posts
    20 Aug 2012
    09 Dec 2011
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    I am setting up a multiple domain configuration as per your article (link below) with 2 standard edition licenses, but 1 has E-Commerce and 1 does not. Do you know if I will have any issues with this?

  2. Joe
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    40 posts
    11 Sep 2007
    10 Dec 2011
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    I haven't come across any hangs ups with the E-Commerce yet, but the one obvious issue that your article doesn't address is maintaining the 2 different license files. The only solution I can think of off hand is having


    and using a bunch of virtual directories. Definitely not the cleanest solution, but it would work. (Edit: and it did work) 
  3. Amir
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    33 posts
    24 Dec 2010
    14 Dec 2011
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    Would you mind elaborating on your last post?  I am in a similar scenario.  The article states to create a virtual directory for each configuration node.  How did you "share" the configuration on both sites?  In your example below, I presume that "Sitefinity_App1" is the configuration virtual directory for "Site A", and "sitefinity_App2" is  for "Site B"... What role does the "Sitefinity__Shared" folder play?  Do you have virtual directories pointing to that? If so, what would be the name of the folder?

    Sorry for all the questions.
3 posts, 0 answered