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Using Project Manager to connect to existing project

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  1. Richard
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    21 Nov 2009
    05 Mar 2011
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    I want to move my project to a new location.

    1. Can I just create a new project and tell it where it is and it won't create a new one because it sees the original?
    2. Do I just edit the location of the existing one in the Projects.xml file in the application?
    3. Do I do something else?

    The new location will be a Dropbox folder, so that someone else can look at it in VS2010, should there be any issues with this?

  2. SelAromDotNet
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    912 posts
    18 Jul 2012
    05 Mar 2011
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    Moving a project is as simple as moving the folder. If you want it to remain in the Project Manager yes, simply edit the projects.xml file to point to the new location (you'll have to restart the PM afterwards)

    regarding sharing via drop box, as long as there is a valid path that you can put in the project manager I don't see why it wouldn't work but I haven't tested it personally. Please report your experiences back and let us know if you encounter any issues!
2 posts, 0 answered