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Sitefinity 10.0 Internal Builds

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  1. Nikolay
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    21 Feb 2013
    17 Mar
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    Sitefinity 10.0.6401.0 Release Notes

    What's fixed:

    • Layout control permissions are set as administrators only on the target when permissions sync is disabled. 
    • Search functionality does not work for Norwegian language.(FP)
    • Roles selector: Unchecking a role from the selector is not working.
    • Roles selector: Unchecking 'Explicitly deny this to selected roles and users:' is not working properly.
    • SiteSync test connection considers HTTP code 500 as OK.
    • SiteSync test connection: Log the output returned by the Destination server.
    • SitefinityExceptions.ItemNotFoundException does not give details about the item.
    • Importing a feed containing category element throws an error.(FP)
    • Bad request is thrown when create News Item using oData (FP)
    • Feather: Layout files placed under root MVC folder generates taxon with empty name. 
  2. Nikolay
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    7 posts
    21 Feb 2013
    31 Mar
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    Sitefinity 10.0.6402.0 Release Notes

    What's fixed:

    • Ecommerce checkout in Anonymous mode is messing up orders
    • When sync a scheduled for publishing Item then two Items will be created. (FP)
    • Manual SiteSync starts even if a sync is already running
    • Roles selector: Reopening the selector is not showing you the first page, but the one selected last
    • Form email notification silently fails when the Notifications SenderProfile is not set
    • Marked items for taxonomy shows incorrect number of marked items and displays 0 items in details view (FP)
    • Taxonomy statistics are not updated after a custom field of type Classification has been deleted (FP)
    • Lionbridge Freeway connector mixes items from different projects when sending for translation (FP)
    • Ecommerce - product information is not updated in page view
    • SiteSync: Email notification control on Synchronization page says that the smtp settings are not configured, but they are
    • Pages: SEO Title doesn't change when the page is duplicated in multisite environment (FP)
    • Replacing a document with a document with different title does not add the old url as additional url (FP)
    • Application status page does not show stack trace
    • "Add to wishlist" error when the sfproductOptions are not added
  3. Nikolay
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    7 posts
    21 Feb 2013
    21 Apr
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    Sitefinity 10.0.6403.0 Release Notes

    What's fixed:


    • Authentication: Login with Facebook does not work.
    • Sitemap contains item urls from other sites for shared content items. (FP)
    • Libraries: Link for non-default library does not work (FP)
    • Content Block: RadEditor Table Wizard dialog has incorrect size and position (FP)
    • Feather: Dynamic content MVC widget list view is filtered by taxonomy from URL, when the dynamic content type does not have a taxonomy field (FP)


    • Small fixes of markup, removed table in Card widget template - #1700
    • Add missing bootstrap classes to form widgets - #372

3 posts, 0 answered