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Tabbed Content View Control

by Data Universal Inc.
Publication date:
Jun 6, 2010, 08:29 AM


  • Sitefinity 3.7
  • Sitefinity 3.6

Price: $ 99

Tabbed Content View is a user control that can be used to display Generic Content items in a tabbed view. The items selected for display in the tabbed view are filtered dynamically using a tag name, allowing for selection across existent content categories, and item reuse by tagging it as appropriate. The tab name and sequence are maintained using custom meta-fields, allowing for consistent, user-friendly tab name reuse.

Dedicated tabs for News, Blog Posts, Events are available in addition to the dynamically generated tabs. The position, sequence, visibility and content type-specific behaviors can be customized through control properties.

Simplified, tabbed view-friendly item list templates for news, blog posts, and events are included.

Slideshow-like functionality can be enabled to change the selected tab automatically to the next one, with a set frequency.


Sitefinity custom control screenshot