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File Control

by Gabe Sumner
Publication date:
Sep 1, 2009, 11:53 AM


  • Sitefinity 3.5

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This control can be placed onto a Sitefinity page and allows you to upload and manage the file associated with it.  When a user visits the page they will be redirected to the uploaded file.  The problem with this solution was that a browser redirect was required to accomplish it.

To address this I created a new "File" Sitefinity Control.  The concept is similar to the "Documents Control".

However, instead of a redirect I'm now displaying file information and a download button:

 All of this is manageable via a user-friendly Control Designer:

Advantages / Features
  • Files can be uploaded via a web browser.
  • Files can be organized within the Sitefinity "Site Map".
  • Files inherit the permissions of the underlying Sitefinity page.
  • Automatically handles saving the file to the server.
  • Allows "roll-backs" to previous versions of the file.
  • Alerts the user to the type of file that will be downloaded.
  • Alerts the user about the size of the file that will be downloaded.