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Quick Designer

by Spin Box
Publication date:
Jul 3, 2012, 11:23 AM


  • Sitefinity 4.3
  • Sitefinity 4.2 SP1
  • Sitefinity 5.0 SP1
  • Sitefinity 4.4
  • Sitefinity 5.0
  • Sitefinity 5.0 Hotfix

Price: $ 85

The Spinbox Media Quick Designer is a fantastic time-saving tool that allows you to decorate UserControl properties called ‘WebEditors’ in much the same way as you were able to do in Sitefinity 3.x.

Quick Designer not only includes the controls that you would have used in Sitefinity 3.x but extends the amount of useful controls that you are able to use.

The purpose is to allow you to quickly create a simple designer that will allow the user to update properties in a friendly manner.

Key Features

Allows you to decorate web editors with:

  • Textfields
  • HTML text editors
  • Page selectors for in-site linking
  • Image designer for single and multiple images
  • Taxonomy drop down lists
  • Generic content selection

Quick Designer Screenshot

Quick Designer ScreenshotQuick Designer Screenshot