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Email Campaign Analytics

by Bytanium Software
Publication date:
Apr 25, 2012, 06:39 AM


  • Sitefinity 4.1 SP1
  • Sitefinity 5.0 SP1
  • Sitefinity 4.4
  • Sitefinity 5.0
  • Sitefinity 5.0 Hotfix

Price: $ 1299
While email campaigns are widely regarded as one of the most effective online marketing tactics available, their true power can only be seen when used in conjunction with a comprehensive analytics system capable of providing rich insights into the actual performance of the campaigns.

Our innovative Bytanium Email Campaign Analytics package not only offers you a wealth of additional information on your campaign reports. It also helps you understand your subscriber base and their interests in depth, increasing your ability to improve the overall effectiveness of your email campaigns and newsletters.

Notes: Trial available here.