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  • Creating Sitefinity MVC Widgets that Input Data

    08:47 min'
    This video demonstrates how you can create a simple Sitefinity MVC widget that creates News items using the Sitefinity API, and how you can collect that data using form input ...
  • Creating Sitefinity MVC Widgets with Multiple Views

    12:15 min'
    This video demonstrates the creation of a simple Events Widget (and Controller) that automatically handles changing the view based on the URL routing parameters, returning a different Razor view for ...
  • Using the Sitefinity API with MVC Widgets

    07:30 min'
    The Sitefinity API is full accessible within the controller of an MVC widget, allowing you to easily use Sitefinity data within your custom MVC Widgets. This video demonstrates a simple ...
  • Using Sitefinity MVC in Classic, Pure, and Hybrid Mode

    05:42 min'
    Sitefinity supports three MVC modes. We call them classic, pure and hybrid. The mode used depends on your development process as well as the functionality you want to implement. This ...
  • Creating Sitefinity MVC Widgets with Public Properties

    09:47 min'
    Properties in Sitefinity MVC Widgets behave similarly to those created using ASP.NET Web Forms. Any public properties declared in your controller will be automatically exposed in the default and advanced ...
  • Sitefinity MVC Hello World Widget

    05:35 min'
    This video demonstrates how you can easily create a "Hello, World" style widget using Sitefinity and ASP.NET MVC.
  • Sitefinity Site Synchronization

    17:51 min'
    In this sample training video you will learn how to work with the Site Synchronization feature of Sitefinity CMS. The video is part of our On-demand Developer Training Self-paced course ...
  • Forms Based Single Sign-On with Sitefinity

    07:37 min'
    Sitefinity now uses claims-based authentication by default. Not only does this provide more secure authentication, but it also allows multiple websites to achieve Single Sign On.
  • Enabling and Using Workflow in Sitefinity

    05:41 min'
    In Sitefinity you can create a workflow to manage the execution of various tasks on content items and pages. Whatever your needs are, Sitefinity allows you to control even the ...
  • Working with Sitefinity Permissions

    06:18 min'
    Sitefinity supports extremely granular security that allows unique user-level permissions to be attached to everything in the CMS from a single content item, to pages and CMS settings and configuration. ...
  • Creating Your First Sitefinity Email Campaign

    05:07 min'
    Creating professional email campaigns and newsletters has never been easier. In Sitefinity you can set up your mailing list and email campaigns completely through the UI without the need for ...
  • Configuring Sitefinity SMTP and Email Campaign Settings

    02:40 min'
    Adding your SMTP credentials to Sitefinity enables many helpful features, including password recovery, workflow notifications, and Email Newsletter Campaigns.
  • Enabling and Creating Multilingual Sitefinity Pages and Content

    04:51 min'
    In Sitefinity you can localize pages and content items by creating as many language versions as required, on both the public frontend as well as the backend administration.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts for the Sitefinity Backend

    01:01 min'
    The video shows the result of implementing keyboard shortcuts in the backend of the Sitefinity News module.
  • The Power of Shared Providers

    11:58 min'
    This video discussed the topic of shared content providers in Sitefinity.
  • Adding Discussion Forums to your Sitefinity Website

    03:51 min'
    Sitefinity now includes a Forums module allowing you to have discussions on your website.
  • Sitefinity Events Registration Widget

    02:10 min'
    This is an overview video which will demonstrate the capabilities of the Sitefinity Events Registration widget.
  • Sitefinity Events Registration Installation

    23:55 min'
    This video demonstrates how you can use the Events registration widget. As the name of the widget suggests, it will enable your visitors to easily register for your events.
  • Using Attributes to Create Product Variations in Sitefinity

    04:16 min'
    Product Attributes allow you to define additional properties for specific products so that you can add selectable options and sell variations, such as different sizes or colors. This is done ...
  • Creating and Managing Website Templates with Sitefinity Thunder

    04:08 min'
    Sitefinity Thunder includes a Sitefinity Website Template visual studio project type. This Project Template allows you to create and manage your website templates, which contain one or more website Themes, ...
  • Creating Custom Layout Widgets with Sitefinity Thunder

    04:41 min'
    This video demonstrates how the free Sitefinity Thunder extension for Visual Studio can help you to easily create new custom layout templates for your sitefinity pages. Custom layouts allow you ...
  • Supporting Mobile Devices in Sitefinity with Responsive Design

    03:11 min'
    This Sitefinity design video explains how Responsive Web Design is supported in Sitefinity. Sitefinity layout templates have the ability to transform, depending on the screen resolution. The responsive design transforms ...
  • Creating Custom Form Field Controls with Sitefinity Thunder

    06:06 min'
    This video will demonstrate how you can use the free Sitefinity Thunder extension for Visual Studio to easily create new custom form fields for the Sitefinity Forms Module. The Sitefinity ...
  • Creating a Press Release Module Using Sitefinity

    05:41 min'
    This video demonstrates how to create a new Press Release Module using the Module Builder included in Sitefinity.
  • Sitefinity Ecommerce Overview Video

    00:46 min'
    This is a short overview video which will introduce you to Sitefinity Ecommerce.
  • Using Magic Zoom Plus for Detail Product Images

    04:45 min'
    This videos shows how you can add Magic Zoom Plus, replacing the FancyBox lightbox in Sitefinity Ecommerce. Magic Zoom Plus gives you the ability to use large format images and ...
  • Sitefinity Ecommerce: Adding Related Products

    02:27 min'
    This video demonstrates how to add related products using the Sitefinity API and creating a custom view/template based on product tags.
  • Adding a Survey or Poll to Sitefinity Ecommerce

    04:42 min'
    This videos demonstrates how to create and add a survey or poll to customers upon successful checkout. The survey may ask questions like how was your shopping experience or how ...
  • Creating and Managing Sitefinity Product Types

    04:09 min'
    In order to create products in Sitefinity, you must first define at least one product type. Sitefinity ships with a few sample product types that are typical to most stores, ...
  • Creating and Displaying Your First Product with Sitefinity Ecommerce

    04:02 min'
    The Sitefinity Ecommerce module allows you to create, display, and sell products using Sitefinity. Like all Content based items in Sitefinity, it involves creating products in the backend, then displaying ...
  • Install the Sitefinity Donation Widget

    07:53 min'
    This video demonstrates how to install a sample widget called Donation Widget into Sitefinity Ecommerce. The donation widget allows you to accept online donations using Sitefinity Ecommerce.
  • Customizing the Default Sitefinity Workflows

    06:34 min'
    Custom workflows in Sitefinity allow you to manage virtually any custom scenario required by your business logic. By using Windows Workflow foundation you can easily extend the built in Sitefinity ...
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