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  • Creating and Managing Sitefinity Product Types

    04:09 min'
    In order to create products in Sitefinity, you must first define at least one product type. Sitefinity ships with a few sample product types that are typical to most stores, ...
  • Creating and Displaying Your First Product with Sitefinity Ecommerce

    04:02 min'
    The Sitefinity Ecommerce module allows you to create, display, and sell products using Sitefinity. Like all Content based items in Sitefinity, it involves creating products in the backend, then displaying ...
  • Install the Sitefinity Donation Widget

    07:53 min'
    This video demonstrates how to install a sample widget called Donation Widget into Sitefinity Ecommerce. The donation widget allows you to accept online donations using Sitefinity Ecommerce.
  • Customizing the Default Sitefinity Workflows

    06:34 min'
    Custom workflows in Sitefinity allow you to manage virtually any custom scenario required by your business logic. By using Windows Workflow foundation you can easily extend the built in Sitefinity ...
  • Enable Product Filtering on Your Sitefinity Website

    05:40 min'
    The Sitefinity ecommerce module allows you to organize your store by department for a simpler browsing and shopping experience for your customers.
  • Configuring the Sitefinity Ecommerce Shopping Cart and Checkout Pages

    05:39 min'
    With the Sitefinity ecommerce module your website can host a complete shopping solution from displaying products to checkout.
  • Configuring Sitefinity Ecommerce Shipping and Payment Options

    03:05 min'
    There are two options for configuring shipping methods in your store. You can manually define options based on price or weight, or you can enable the live FedEx or UPS ...
  • Sitefinity Overview

    02:04 min'
    Sitefinity supports your online business with an extensive web content management platform. It’s designed to be instantly familiar while providing a safe & predictable environment for multiple stakeholders to collaborate.  ...
  • Installing and Using Sitefinity Thunder

    05:05 min'
    This video demonstrates the process of installing and using Sitefinity Thunder.
  • Sitefinity Ecommerce - Digital Downloads

    07:55 min'
    Sitefinity Ecommerce includes digital downloads as an ecommerce feature. This video demonstrates how to create and purchase a digital downloadable product in Sitefinity Ecommerce.
  • Connecting to Sitefinity Using Thunder

    08:08 min'
    Sitefinity Thunder allows you to easily connect to and work with Sitefinity sites from Visual Studio. This video demonstrates how to use Thunder to create, edit, and deploy a new ...
  • Quick look: Using Breadcrumb Navigation in Sitefinity

    03:10 min'
    This video shows how easy it is to add breadcrumb navigation to a website using Sitefinity CMS. This navigation can be added to an individual page or site-wide by editing ...
  • Adding a Navigation Menu to a Sitefinity Website

    02:12 min'
    Adding a navigation menu based on the published pages of your Sitefinity website is a snap with the native Navigation Widget. Drop it on a Page Template to make it ...
  • Creating a Sitefinity Page Template

    04:56 min'
    Page templates in Sitefinity allow you to create reusable, consistent layouts and designs for your pages.
  • Deploying Sitefinity to a Webserver

    07:04 min'
    Deploying a Sitefinity website to a remote webserver simply involves uploading the project folder and database, and registering the site in IIS.
  • How Sitefinity helps prevent broken links

    02:17 min'
    This short video shows how Sitefinity CMS helps prevent broken links when existing pages are moved in the site hierarchy.
  • What's new in Sitefinity 5

    01:19 min'
    Introducing Sitefinity 5: create mobile web pages in just a matter of minutes, build modules with drag-and-drop, and more, much more.
  • Presenting Sitefinity Thunder

    01:31 min'
    Sitefinity Thunder is a free extension for Visual Studio that enables developers to easily extend and customize Sitefinity. Using this tool, developers can install and update components such as Themes, ...
  • Creating Widgets Using Sitefinity Thunder

    01:43 min'
    Sitefinity Thunder makes creating new widgets much simpler, including everything you need to get started.
  • Editing Widget Templates with Sitefinity Thunder

    02:36 min'
    Sitefinity Thunder makes editing the built in Sitefinity Content Widget Templates a snap, with full intellisense and Visual Studio integration.
  • Sitefinity Ecommerce - How to combine widgets in a template

    05:13 min'
    This video demonstrates how you can add the Sitefinity Buy Now widget onto the template for the product list, allowing you to have an "add to cart" button for each ...
  • Template Builder

    2:05 min'
    The Sitefinity Template Builder allows you to create templates and themes for your Sitefinity websites with a snap. You no longer need CSS & HTML skills in order to develop ...
  • Sitefinity Responsive Web Design

    01:36 min'
    This video introduces Sitefinity Responsive Web Design and the ways to manage your traditional web and mobile channels.
  • Usability and End-user Empowerment

    10:58 min'
    This video demonstrates how Sitefinity CMS empowers business users to manage content on their website without any HTML, CSS or design skills. The video covers the whole process: from creating ...
  • Using Sitefinity to manage your Facebook Fan Page

    5:52 min'
    Use Facebook to engage with your customers and community. This video demonstrates how to create and manage Facebook fan pages directly from Sitefinity. You can download the Sitefinity Facebook template ...
  • How to extend Sitefinity using Page-based Modules

    This video demonstrates how to create a new "Hello World" page-based module in Sitefinity. Using Sitefinity's backend page editor you can create new sections in Sitefinity's Administrative UI. Once created, ...
  • GiveCamp - Designing your Sitefinity Project

    This video shows how to design a charity's web site project with Sitefinity CMS.
  • Sitefinity on Shared Hosting

    How to deploy Sitefinity to Shared Hosting

    This video shows how to prepare the web application for deployment, how to transfer the website files and how to export the development database to the production database. It is ...
  • How to create a Sitefinity Widget

    08:44 min'
    This video will take a very quick look at how to add custom widgets (or controls) to Sitefinity. This is meant to be an introduction video and we'll only be ...
  • Widget Templates in Sitefinity

    12:25 min'
    This video takes a quick look at the widget template editor included in Sitefinity.
  • Workflow in Sitefinity

    10:18 min'
    This video quickly examines the workflow process in Sitefinity.
  • Using Sitefinity to Manage your Website

    31:16 min'
    This video is an overview of tasks like creating and modifying pages, pages structure, revision history, layout editor, inline editing, widgets and more.
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