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  • Webinar: Deliver Microsoft Dynamics Customer Portals Rapidly

    During this webinar pavliks.com, a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Gold Partner and Platinum Sitefinity Partner will show how to build an end-to-end portal scenario without any custom development using Sitefinity CMS and The Portal Connector for Dynamics CRM.
  • The Next Generation of Digital Marketing

    Tomorrow’s digital marketing requires the next generation of automation and technology. Spending on digital channels is growing at a double-digit clip, impacting both marketing and IT, as well as the growing ecosystem of solution agencies working with them. This shift is being driven by the same four megatrends transforming IT overall, namely:  cloud, mobility, social and big data.

  • The Modern CMS Development Stack

    Just in the past few years we've seen more companies moving into an entirely different stack centered on clean HTML and Javascript done right. That becomes especially valid if you are dealing with large-scale web projects that require content management.

    In this Telerik Sitefinity technical webinar we will show you:

    • Tips, tricks and best practices on how to build projects with MVC, Kendo and Sitefinity
    • Real-life examples on how the new Sitefinity 7 Related Data functionality gives you full control of data, configuration and markup
    • A sneak preview into Sitefinity Feather – the new open-source framework for MVCand Front-End development in Sitefinity
  • Mobile App, Web, or Hybrid: How To Decide?

    The New Customer Experience – Mobile Moments

    The new battleground for customers is the mobile moment – the instant your customer is seeking answers on their smartphone or tablet. If you're there for them, they'll love you; if you're not, you risk losing them forever.

    Winning in that mobile moment starts with a basic choice: mobile app, web, or hybrid?

    Mobile App, Web, or Hybrid? How To Decide.

    In this presentation we will:

    • Introduce you to the mobile moments and the mobile mind shift
    • Present a framework to choose between mobile app, web, or hybrid
    • Describe a practical decision and implementation process for your company


  • No CMS Boundaries. The Key Elements for True Extensibility

    A crucial element of any web development strategy is the extensibility of the platform. CMS platforms provide out-of-the-box features that alone enable the development of powerful websites. But to be truly valuable, they must offer extension points for custom content creation, increased functionality, and control over presentation.

    This webinar will demonstrate key areas of CMS extensibility to support web project requirements for today and tomorrow.

    • Increase productivity using code templates and IntelliSense in Visual Studio and apply the outcomes to your CMS projects within the IDE.
    • Integrate with external software and access content and application data regardless of where it’s stored using a fully exposed .NET API.
    • Quickly define custom content types, themes, and presentation with customizable templates.

    About the presenter:

    Tim Williamson is a Sitefinity Evangelist for Telerik. He lives on the web and is always looking for new and interesting ways to solve problems using Sitefinity and its bundled suite of Telerik tools.

  • Creating Dynamic Modules

    Developers often address unique web development requirements by creating dynamic modules. But creating these modules requires custom content types that can be complex and time consuming. Content types are more than just text and images. One must also consider different behaviors, controls, URLs, metadata and hierarchies. Miss a step and your module won’t run, or it can break the installation altogether.

    This webinar will demonstrate trusted CMS tools you can use to quickly create custom content types. You will learn about a module builder, which helps developers quickly address the boring task of generating custom content types—that can also be stored and extended for further use.

    Learn how to:

    • Rapidly create modules for projects, while still providing a customizable framework.
    • Create content with all of its different elements, control data structure and configure the presentation in less time.
    • Define new data models and create one-to-one, one-to-many or many-to-many associations with other content types.
  • Mobile CMS: Deliver a Smart Experience to Your Smart Device

    Creating a Mobile Strategy Defined by the User Experience

    You can no longer ignore the fact that you need a full mobile strategy these days to reach people who want to or need to engage with the data and content you provide.  The proliferation of mobile access has created a blur between digital and physical worlds - with mobile devices being used to help people navigate and better understand the physical world around them. A superior mobile experience is a must for any business wanting to succeed.

    The visitor experience needs to define your mobile strategy.  It needs to go beyond using responsive design techniques that just alter your website based on device type.  You need a strategy that delivers the right content at the right time and creates an active engagement.  You need to turn your content into a mobile tool for your visitors, prospects and customers.

    This webinar will dig into…

    • Hot Mobile Trends
    • How people are using Mobile devices to simplify their lives
    • The Importance of a Good Mobile Experience
    • How Mobile CMS and Mobile Apps are being used to create engaging mobile, tablet and cross-channel experiences.
    • Examples of future Mobile Experiences



  • CMS + CRM + Marketing Automation: Mapping the Customer’s Journey

    Harness the power of Sitefinity CMS integrated with Marketo and SalesForce.com to create personalized multichannel customer engagement throughout the buying cycle.

    As a business user, responsible for a company’s marketing plan and tactical implementation, you are required to deliver qualified leads to the sales team that will ultimately convert to customers. Managing lead generation campaigns, constantly creating fresh content, and continuing nurture leads throughout the buying cycle requires a lot of diligence and can be overwhelming without the right tools.

    In this Webinar you will learn how you can…

    • Deliver fresh and relevant content at each stage of the buying cycle
    • Enrich contact information with details from online customer interaction
    • Integrate business logic to trigger events
    • Automate the delivery of customized content
    • Dynamically personalize the website and mobile experience.
  • Bring Your Existing .NET Skills to a CMS

    Software developers possess a set of coding skills that have been nurtured and maintained throughout years of experience. These are the skills that help you through the complex task of breathing life into any application – from initial design to entirely building out your data access, business logic and presentation.

    Your .NET skills are universal. So why should you relearn everything you already know?

    A good CMS builds on top of your .NET knowledge and helps you take care of tasks that are more complex or simply mundane and repetitive.  A CMS works for developers – building things like page and content management, infrastructure, security and great usability on top of what you already do.

    Join us for the Webinar “Bring Your Existing .NET Skills to a CMS” where we will discuss how to:

    • Use the CMS as a repository for any data-driven application scenario
    • Plug in existing or standard code into an interface your business users will love
    • Let the CMS framework focus on the infrastructure while you focus on the business requirements

    Standard technology gives you speed, power and flexibility to deliver any solution. Your CMS should supplement these skills – not replace them. 


  • Creating Better UX with the Sitefinity Geolocation API

    Sitefinity 6.1 can use distance and radius to filter and sort content by address. This webinar is all code, no fluff. You will learn how to set up location-based search on a page, how to take advantage of it in mobile apps, and how to connect other apps and services to create a fully aware ecosystem.

  • Your CMS and a Lightweight DAM Solution: Harness the Value of Rich Media Assets

    Rich media content is now a crucial factor for engaging your customers on public facing online experiences.Organizations have been creating an increasing number of rich media assets, such as PDFs, photos, graphics, audio, and video. But, they have not been prepared for this avalanche of content and don’t have strategies in place for Digital Asset Management (DAM). Watch this webinar to learn how the combination of a CMS and DAM solution will help your business:

    • Make rich media assets more findable
    • Lower re-creation costs and save time
    • Maintain brand consistency

    As your business gains control of rich media assets using CMS with a DAM solution, you will better engage your customers and drive decision makers to take action.


  • Hidden Gems of the Sitefinity API Webinar

    The documented Sitefinity API is comprehensive and covers many development scenarios. As in any API, there is far more under the covers. This webinar will dig deep into unexplored areas of the Sitefinity API to reveal interesting and useful utilities and classes to make your job that much easier.
  • Mobilize SharePoint: Leveraging Your SharePoint Assets Beyond the Firewall

    You have a big investment in SharePoint and are always looking for ways to work better, smarter and more efficiently. This webinar will demonstrate new ways to make your SharePoint assets work harder by leveraging them for public facing websites and mobile devices.
  • Sitefinity 6.0’s Mobile App Builder

    Join this webinar to learn how to get started and build mobile applications with the Sitefinity 6.0’s Mobile App Builder, as well as how to use the Sitefinity Box.
  • Mobile CMS Has Arrived!

    Web content management systems aren't helping with "mobile" and, as a result, most organizations are struggling to create and manage mobile-friendly experiences. Sitefinity 6.0 confronts this problem head on!  This release is rooted in a fundamental understanding of the three available mobile strategies (Responsive Websites, Mobile Websites & Mobile Apps) and includes features that make each mobile strategy accessible. Attend this webinar to see Sitefinity 6.0’s industry-first features and find out why mobile opportunities are now within your reach.

  • Developing for Sitefinity with ASP.NET MVC

    Sitefinity is the only CMS that can switch freely between Web Forms and MVC. Developers with an MVC background can implement custom controllers and views, which can be used in a Sitefinity project. A unique feature which Sitefinity brings to the table is how you can combine both WebForms and MVC widgets and use them on the same page. This webinar will provide an introduction to developing for MVC in Sitefinity, go through common scenarios which can be implemented using MVC, and also discuss some specific tips about avoiding errors and troubleshooting problems.

  • OpenAccess Integration in Sitefinity

    Join this webinar to see how OpenAccess integrates with Sitefinity. You will see a demo of how Sitefinity’s types are mapped using fluent mapping and how artificial properties and artificial types are mapped to their storage.

  • Making Your CMS the Ultimate Ecommerce Solution

    Sales start with research, and research starts with content. The better your web content, the more you’ll sell. Join Sitefinity to see how an all-in-one CMS/Ecommerce Solution can deliver measurable results for your business and empower you to create seamless cross-channel customer experiences.

  • Sitefinity’s API Test Tool

    Sitefinity includes an automated test tool which provides infrastructure for running API tests against Sitefinity. The webinar will demonstrate the tool and show how to write tests to cover Sitefinity modules.

  • Common Issues with Sitefinity Upgrades

    This webinar will cover the following topics: Multiple reference directories for external projects, resulting in manual reference changes; Custom widgets / pages with strong reference to full assembly-qualified-names to Sitefinity’s / RadControls’ assemblies; External modules built as assemblies, referencing previous versions of Sitefinity’s assemblies, and more.

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