Sitefinity User Guide

This guide is intended for users of all levels of expertise. The guide describes in detail Sitefinity user interface - from logging to completing a project. Use it to learn how to create pages and structure the sitemap, create layout for the pages and populate it with widgets. Learn to use the content modules to create content, such as news, forms, and events, and upload different kinds of media and files. Add languages and translate both pages and content items and use a sophisticated publishing system to manage the workflow of your pages and content items.
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Table of contents

  • Login
    Learn how to login to Sitefinity and what possible errors you can get if you do not have proper permissions.
  • Dashboard and main navigation
    Learn how to use Sitefinity's main navigation and Dashboard to access all Sitefinity features and functions. You use the main menu as the primary navigation in Sitefinity administration.
  • Pages
    Learn how to create the pages of your website, how to structure them, how to edit their content and properties, manage permissions for pages, and more.
  • Website content
    After you have created your page layout, learn how to populate your pages with content by creating and publishing reusable content, such as news, events, images, videos and more and how to organize content with the help of classifications.
  • Email campaigns
    Learn how to create email campaigns, manage lists of subscribers to email campaigns, and to compare email campaigns.
  • Workflows
    Learn how to create a workflow for managing the lifecycle of content items and pages. You do that by creating first and second level of approval for content items and pages.
  • Widgets
    Learn how to add widgets on your page and how to configure them. To display content you use widgets, which you drop on the page and configure them to display already existing content.
  • Personalization of the website content
    Learn how to personalize your site. Personalization allows different content to be served to different types of users (user segments). You can build set of rules on which the user segments are based. You can then create different versions of the pages of your website.
  • Basic settings
    Learn how to use the Basic Settings page to easily change the most important and commonly used settings.


Download PDF version: Sitefinity User Guide PDF.

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