Searching and filtering blog posts

Searching for blog posts

To search for a particular post, use the search option.
  1. Click the Search… button in the toolbar.
    A search field opens.
  2. Enter the name or part of the name of the post you are searching for.
    The search field is case insensitive.
  3. Click Search.
    A list of results matching your search appears.
    To return to the list of all items, click Close search button in the toolbar.

Filtering blog posts

  • Filter by ownership.
    To display posts, created only by your user, in the right side of the page, click My posts link under Filter posts.
  • Filter by workflow status.
    You can filter blog posts by their status. For example, Published or Draft.
    For more information, see Workflow status of content items and pages.
  • Filter by classifications.
    You can also filter posts by categories, tags, and custom classifications.
    If you have added a custom classification field to blog posts, it appears in the filter options. For more information, see Custom fields.
  • Filter by date. 
    To filter posts by the date they were modified, click by Date modified…
  • When you click a time interval, the system displays all the posts updated during this time interval. The last updated are the first in the list.
  • To display posts modified during some custom period of time, click Custom range… link.
    To define a custom filtering interval, use the From and To input fields..
    Click Filter.
  • To go back to all filtering options, click Close dates link.
    The system displays all filtering options, but displays the last filtering you have chosen until you choose something else or until you refresh your screen by pressing F5.

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