Uploading documents and files

  1. If you have multiple sites, on Documents & Files page select the site where you want to upload documents or files, using the selector in the upper-left corner of the page.
    If your site uses more than one source for documents and files, you must choose the source where you want to upload the documents and files.
    If you have more than one sources configured, all available sources are displayed in the toolbar, where you can select the source of your choice.
    For more information, see Multiple site management.
  2. Click the library where you want to upload documents or files.
  3. Perform one of the following:
    • If you have not uploaded any documents or files in the selected library, the system displays the following in the center of the screen:

      NOTE: If you are working in multilingual mode, the first document or file you upload is in the default language.

    • If you have already uploaded one or more documents or files in the selected library, the system displays all uploaded documents and files and the following button in the toolbar of Documents & Files page:

      NOTE: If you are working in multilingual mode, before uploading a document or file, you must first choose the language in which you want to upload the document or file. Select the language from Languages dropdown box in the right of the page.

    • For more information about different languages, see Languages.
  4. Click Upload documents or other files.
    The Upload documents or other files page appears.
  5. Drag the files, you want to upload or click Select documents or other files from your computer and browse your computer to find the document or file you want to upload and click Open.
    You can select more than one document or file.
    The name of the document or file and its size appear in Upload documents or other files page.
  6. To upload more documents or files, click Add more documents and files.
  7. In Where to store uploaded documents or other files?, select the library, where you want to store the document(s) or file(s), by clicking Change.
    The tree with all created libraries appears. Select the library and click Done.
    If you have not created any libraries, you can only choose Default Library, which exists by default.
    If you want to create another library, perform the following:
    1. Click Create a new library.
    2. Enter the name of the library and click Create this library.
      The new library appears in the dropdown box.
    3. For more information about creating libraries, see Managing document and file libraries.
  8. You can classify your documents and files using the Categories and tags section.
    For more information, see Adding categories and tags to a content item.
    Classifying content helps you organize it. For more information about classifications, see Classifying content.
  9. When you are finished, perform procedure Workflow status of a new page or content item.
    Uploading status bars appear on the page and after the system has uploaded the documents or files, a massage appears informing you about the result of the upload.
  10. When upload is finished, choose between the following:
    • View all items
      Returns you to Documents & Files page.
    • Upload more documents or other files
      The system opens Upload documents or other files page, where you can upload new documents and files.
      Perform Step 3 to Step 8.

NOTE: If you are in multilingual mode, on Documents & Files page, the system displays all available languages next to the document or file. You cannot have different documents or files in different languages, but you can have different titles for each language. To do this, click the Add link of the respective icon.

NOTE: On Documents & Files page you can also download an already uploaded document or file, by clicking its Actions link and then Download.

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