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CMS and Ecommerce Combined into a Single Seamless Solution

Create your Store with Drag and Drop

Get your store up and running fast with Sitefinity by dragging & dropping widgets onto pages to create the look and feel you need. Start with one of our templates—or create your own— then place the Ecommerce  widgets for products, shopping cart, and checkout procedure on your pages. Add products, variations, departments and you’re practically done.

Personalize the Online Shopping Experience

As an integrated CMS and Ecommerce Solution, Sitefinity allows you to personalize the entire shopping experience of your customers. Using the context of what your visitors read, what they search for, their wish list and average spending and other information they share about themselves you can provide a guided and relevant buying experience that results in more online sales. 

Deliver a Great Mobile Buying Experience

Sitefinity enables you to carefully tailor your mobile strategy and provides the toolset to execute on it. Sitefinity comes with a built-in Responsive Design engine, Mobile App builder and supports Mobile Websites so you have all options available to deliver a great buying experience on any device. You can use the mobile device emulators to preview the experience on any mobile device.

Execute Successful Cross-Channel Campaigns

There are many different paths your buyers take to get to your online store. They could come from social media channels, research your products on mobile devices, receive a targeted email newsletters or through quality content marketing their friends shared. Sitefinity is an all-in-one platform that enables your business to run multi-channel campaigns and attract more buyers to your online store.

Manage Products and Catalogs

Make distinct product types for your store—including generating custom fields—so you can easily create product catalogs. Create services, shippable or downloadable products. Add images, videos, roles , SKU, and sale prices to your products. Customers can quickly find products and create wish lists by selecting products in departments, by using the shop-by filter and by sorting the product listing.

Configure your Store the Way you Want

Setup your shipping with offline shipping methods and real-time shipping rates using FedEx, UPS or USPS. You can use offline payment methods such as a purchase order, use online payment gateways such as PayFlow Pro, Authorize.Net, eWAY or SagePay. You can also create your own using our payment provider model and implement any gateway such as Stripe.  You can also set up various promotions for segmented buyer groups to grow your online sales. 

Get PCI-DSS Compliance Without the Hassle

Telerik Sitefinity integrates with PayPal Payments Standard and WorldPay to offer a PCI-DSS compliant solution that is much more secure and less demanding on your website, since no credit card data goes through your site.  Both payment providers require payment transactions on an external site allowing you to achieve PCI-DSS compliance by having all sensitive customer data collected and stored in their environments.

Go Global with Multiple Currencies and Languages

Cover world markets with one store through Sitefinity’s Multilingual and Multi-currency features. Designate a base currency for payments, but let your customers shop using their local currency. Currency exchange rates can be automatically updated by XE or ECB.  Display your store in a wide array of languages, while keeping your backend in the language of your choice. It’s all up to you with Sitefinity.

Multi-currency Shopping

Grow Sales Volumes with Flexible Pricing

Running special promotions and providing flexible pricing to valued customers and partners is essential for growing your online sales. Sitefinity provides great pricing flexibility options for different buyers groups as well as the ability schedule and segment promotions to maximize online revenues. 

Manage your Inventory

Merchants can manage inventory easily at the product or product variation level with Sitefinity. Display products with out-of-stock messages for better shopping experiences, future sales, and SEO results while products are being reordered. See what’s in stock and what needs to be ordered with handy inventory reports.

Ecommerce Inventory Management

Sell Digital Products

Sitefinity supports digital distribution of music, videos, and content (DLC). Files are saved using a secured file storage and protected by rights-based user authentication. Get detailed analytics for each file showing the number of downloads and purchases. Also, customers have easy access to their purchases by logging into their account.

Ecommerce Digital Downloads

Extend the Platform to Capture New Opportunities

Sitefinity’s fully accessible API means your store will be extensible, flexible, and able to keep pace with your growing needs. Whether you’re diversifying inventory, adding mobile sales, creating a social store on Facebook, or integrating multiple websites, Sitefinity’s full documentation means your site can grow with you.

Developer Extensibility


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