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Sitefinity License Model Overview

Domain-Based License

Sitefinity CMS is licensed per production domain name defined as a domain name used to access a website in a production environment, which is a setting where the software is put into actual operation for its intended purpose or accessed by its intended end users. All licenses are perpetual with optional yearly maintenance providing access to product updates and technical support.

For example, a production domain can be a root domain such as mywebsite.com or a sub-domain of the root such as partners.mywebsite.com.

A license can be used for internet, intranet, and extranet applications with the exception of the Intranet Standard Edition, which is licensed for intranet applications that can be accessed only by employees, affiliates’ employees, onsite contractors or onsite agents. A license for the localhost domain is included in every trial or commercial license and the application can be accessed from http://localhost on every server it is installed on.

Licenses with active maintenance purchased prior to December 6, 2013 allow for unlimited production sub-domains and licenses purchased between Dec 6, 2013 and May 31, 2014 allow for 5 production sub-domains.

Free Non-Production Domains

Every license for a given production domain comes with unlimited number of free sub-domains for accessing websites used for non-production purpose such as development, testing, or staging. In some cases we allow free registration of other non-production domains such mywebsite.cloudapp.net for websites hosted on Windows Azure.

For example, our customers typically use the following non-production domains: dev.mywebsite.com, uat.mywebsite.com, stg.mywebsite.com.

All production and non-production domains need to be designated and registered with a Sitefinity CMS license in order to obtain a valid software key.

Domain Redirects (Forwarding)

Unlimited number of domain names can redirect (forward) to any domain name associated with a Sitefinity CMS license as long as the domain which the user sees after the redirect is the domain associated with the Sitefinity CMS license.

For example, a redirect is when a user goes to supercompany.com and they are redirected to mycompany.com, which in turn opens a website powered by Sitefinity CMS. In this case the user sees mycompany.com in the url bar of the browser even though they first navigated to supercompany.com.

Domain Aliases

You can register unlimited production domain aliases with ​a Sitefinity CMS license for free. A domain alias is considered any domain name used as an alternative address for a given website.

For example, if the main production domain is mywebsite.com and its domain alias is myalias.com, then http://mywebsite.com and http://mywebsite.com/landingpage will take visitors to the exact same website pages as http://myalias.com and http://myalias.com/landingpage.

We also provide complimentary aliases for 1 mobile sub-domain name (e.g. m.mywebsite.com) and for unlimited number of domains used to access localized versions of the website (e.g. mywebsite.sede.mywebsite.com) as long as these websites are powered by the respective mobile and localization features of Sitefinity CMS and are not separate CMS instances. However, if the localized websites are significantly different in terms of design and content from the website opened by the main production domain, they would not be considered aliases are require you to purchase additional domain licenses.

Note: Only customers with active license maintenance are eligible to request free domain alias registrations.

Domain Add-ons

Additional production domains can be purchased in the form of add-ons for a given license as long as all domains are for the benefit of a single organization or entities controlled by this organization by at least 50%. Domain add-ons are sold individually or in predefined bundles.

Web development agencies can purchase domain add-ons for all domains that benefit a single end client and then transfer the license ownership to the end client together with all add-ons.

Servers, Virtualization, Cloud, Web Farms, and Load Balancing

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Sitefinity CMS can be installed on unlimited number of physical, virtual, or cloud servers, though some editions and custom licenses impose a restriction on the total number of servers that the software can run on in a production environment. All licenses provide for unlimited servers for development, testing, or staging purposes and you can use localhost or a registered non-production domain to access Sitefinity websites hosted on them.

Load Balancing

In case of a load-balanced production environment and some fail-over setups the Sitefinity load balancing feature is required to ensure that the website functions properly at all times and in order to comply with the software license.

For example, if you use Sitefinity CMS on two or more production servers in a web farm, load-balanced, or cloud (e.g. Windows Azure, Amazon EC2, or Rackspace Cloud) hosting environment, then you need to have load balancing license and feature.

Fail-over Setup

If the Software is used in a fail-over setup where the fail-over server is synchronized in real time with the production server to ensure that the cached content of the standby fail-over server is always up to date with the cached content on the production server, then the load balancing license is required in order to use Sitefinity in such a set up.

If the fail-over server does not synchronize its cache with the production server, then a Load Balancing License is not required. However, in this case all content on the failover server will need to be cached in real time in the event of production server failure and your website visitors may experience slower page load times.


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Every Sitefinity license comes with complimentary maintenance for the first year. After the first year you can choose to renew the maintenance or continue using the license without maintenance.

Technical support and all product releases, major and minor, are included in the maintenance package.


All domain and feature add-ons are bound to the maintenance of the license edition they are associated with, so that they become renewable at the same date as the license regardless of when an add-on was purchased or associated with the license.

License Transfers

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Licenses can be transferred together with their add-ons to a third party upon request.

For example, a web agency purchasing a license for an end client should then transfer ownership of the license to the end client, which would be using and benefiting from the software.

Telerik Developer Tools Licensed with Sitefinity

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Every Sitefinity CMS license includes a license for several other Telerik products listed below. All these developer tools can be used within the scope of Sitefinity web applications accessed ​from  registered domains.

Read more about the included developer tools here.

Free Telerik Products

Most of our customers benefit from using Sitefinity CMS ​together with the following products:

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