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Purchase FAQ

Sales FAQ: Sitefinity Product Information

  • How is Sitefinity different from the other CMS solutions?

  • Where can I see websites built in Sitefinity?

  • Does Sitefinity support ASP.NET MVC?

  • Can I manage multiple websites through one Sitefinity instance?

  • Can Sitefinity handle a mobile website?

  • Can I have a personalized demonstration of Sitefinity?

  • What is on the roadmap for Sitefinity?

  • What is the Software Development Kit (SDK)?

  • Are there any training options available?

  • Is there a free Sitefinity trial that I can experiment with?

  • Where can I reference the Sitefinity documentation?

  • I have some technical questions, where can I find information?

Sales FAQ: Sitefinity Licensing

  • How does the Sitefinity licensing work?

  • What are “concurrent CMS users”?

  • Can I add more concurrent CMS users to a given Sitefinity editions?

  • Can I manually “log out” logged-in users in Sitefinity if they forget to log-out?

  • How many Sitefinity licenses do I need if I have several domain names that all point to the same website?

  • If I purchase a Sitefinity license (used on a production server) will I need to buy additional licenses for development and testing servers?

  • How many servers can I register with one license?

  • Can I develop with a Sitefinity trial license?

  • What are the support policies?

  • How do you define a support incident?

  • I read that Kendo UI Professional, Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX and UI Silverlight are included with Sitefinity. Can I use these products for projects that are not related to the Sitefinity CMS?

Sitefinity Subscription Renewals and Upgrades

Sales FAQ: Digital Experience Cloud

  • What does the Sitefinity DEC Basic Plan include?

  • What is a contact profile?

  • What is a cloud user?

  • What if I go over my contact profile limits?

  • What is customer journey tracking?

  • What are personalized page views and how are they counted?

  • What if I go over my personalized page views for the day?

  • What is considered a data source?

  • Does the contact profiles limit increase based on the number of purchased domain names?

  • How can I get support for Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud?

Sales FAQ:Special pricing

Sales FAQ:How to buy

  • How can I place an order?

  • How do you deliver the product?

  • I am purchasing on behalf of someone else, can I transfer the license?

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