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  • 6WaysForwardinfographic_FINAL

    How to Make Good Content: 6 Ways Forward

    You know it when you see it, don’t you? Good content. It grabs your attention, and keeps it. It educates with a minimal time investment, then sends you on your way feeling better for having engaged. It may even motivate you to engage again. So how do you create it? Harder yet, how do you set yourself on a path to successfully become a content producer worth consuming? Here are six ways to get your content program on sound footing.

  • sitefinity_personalization

    Seven Tips to Help You with Your Personalization Strategy

    Without the right CMS, personalization can be hard to implement, hard to scale and hard to analyze. Because of this, many organizations struggle to implement it correctly and some do not even implement it all because they think they might fail.

    To help you learn more about personalization, check out this infographic that provides 7 tips for better personalization.

  • ThreeSteps_toDME

    Three Steps to Digital Marketing Enlightenment

    Eighty-five percent of business leaders believe big data will change the way they do business. Are you ready? Follow three easy steps to grow your business by better harnessing your data.

  • Infographic_Sitefinity_Personalization

    Five Points on the Path to Personalization

    Businesses agree: personalization is critical to future success. Take a fairy tale journey to see how personalization can drive your bottom line.

  • Busting_Personalization_Myths_Infographic

    Busting through Personalization Myths

    Despite 77% of consumers preferring personalized content, marketers still worry personalization will offend customers and hurt their bottom line. This infographic shows how to introduce personalization in ways that please customers and grow your business.

  • SharePointSitefinityInfographic

    Leverage Your SharePoint Investment in a Digital World

    After properly integrating a content management system with SharePoint, you should keep document management capabilities without sacrificing efficient content delivery to web and mobile. Learn what you may be doing wrong.