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    CMS Evaluation Kit

    Selecting a content management system (CMS) isn’t only about the capabilities of the systems you’re reviewing—it’s about your needs, as well. The CMS Evaluation Kit includes the tools you and your evaluation team need to:

    • Learn or review the broad set of CMS capabilities
    • Create a Content Management RFP
    • Devise a Content Management checklist to assist in research

    This set of materials will help you structure a comprehensive CMS evaluation quickly, to help you find the right solution for your organization.

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    Activate Analytics to Optimize the Digital Customer Experience


    In this report, Gleanster dives deep into the subject of how machine learning can activate analytics, improving both the customer experience and the marketing result.  In the report Activate Analytics to Optimize the Customer Experience, Gleanster covers how:


    • Top performing organizations are five times more likely to have used machine learning
    • Connecting all customer data in a single place enables complex, full-view analytics
    • Understanding the complete customer journey can predict and improve marketing impact on business results
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    Data-driven Marketing eBook

    Decisions are an important part of any business. Make the right ones and you’ll flourish; make the wrong ones, and you’ll likely get a call from the corner office. So how do make good decisions? Use data.

    This Data-Driven Marketing e-Book will help you make sense of it all by explaining:

    • Why data-driven marketing is needed
    • How to use data to drive growth
    • Which metrics can be used to optimize customer engagement
    • What steps are needed to adopt a data-driven approach


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    The Ultimate Guide to Multisite Management

     In the “Ultimate Guide for Multisite Management” we provide tips and guidance about how:

    • Companies of all types benefit from multisite management
    • Multisite management reduces costs, improves process and ensures consistency
    • Proper set-up of multisite management can yield best results
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    Next-Generation Web Content Management


    This IDC Market Spotlight examines the new requirements of next generation web content management systems in the context of the long-term shift to digital marketing.

    Inside you’ll find:

    • Data from IDC’s Digital Experience survey highlighting digital marketing trends
    • Analysis of the most important selection criteria for modern web content management
    • Considerations for buyers implementing “best-of-breed” or “suite”
  • 10 Things Members Want From Your Association Website

    10 Things Members Want From Your Association Website

    Vanguard Technology
    Whether you are a 2-staff organization or 150-staff, you strive to serve your constituents in a way that is meaningful to them. Trade or professional society, you want a website that provides your members with an easy way to get content and interact with your organization. Learn how to address the top things members want from an association website and deliver a delightful experience for everyone.

  • cms hosting whitepaper

    Enterprise CMS Hosting Solution

    Telerik Sitefinity & Peer 1 Hosting

    A modern web content management system (CMS) is the face of your organization.

    If your objective is to extend reach and engagement through a modern digital strategy, you will need an enterprise IT infrastructure built to be fast, secure and scalable.

    When embarking on a new web project, there are a lot of moving pieces to consider. In this whitepaper by Telerik Sitefinity and Peer 1 Hosting we explore the most important ones.

  • Gleansight 2014 WCM Benchmarks

    John Tenore


    Selling and Marketing in today's "age of the customer" requires constant delivery of fresh and personalized content through multiple different channels. Organizations are adopting Web Content Management systems to solve this challenge, but the key question is how do you adopt WCM and quickly maximize returns on your entire digital strategy through modern technology. 

    To provide insights on this, Gleanster compiled survey data and thorough analysis in the 2014 Web Content Management Benchmarks report.

  • Buyers-guide-thumb

    Selecting a CMS That Supports Your Business

    A Complimentary J. Boye Report

    There is a relatively short window of opportunity to assess all the qualities of a CMS product and vendor, as well as strategize and envision the solution that matches your long term vision. But how do you go about selecting a CMS in a business environment increasingly defined by its mobility and connectivity? This Complimentary Buyers Guide is intended to help you prepare and will ensure you purchase the best CMS for your enterprise.

  • How to Integrate Sitefinity Personalization with Your Google Analytics Account

    Petya Popova-Chilikova
    This tutorial gives you a step-by-step process to assign Google Analytics tracking to personas or audience segments in Telerik Sitefinity CMS. By tracking online activity and conversion rates by persona type, you’ll have the contextual data to predict future behavior and personalize a visitor’s online experience with hyper-relevant content and calls to action.
  • Supercharge Conversion Rates with CMS + CRM + Marketing Automation

    Eric Odell

    We’re in a data-driven age where information plays a critical role in helping businesses achieve a competitive advantage.  Businesses today collect huge volumes of information about their customers, but it remains inaccessible in functional silos of CRM tools, Marketing Automation platforms, and Web Analytics. When these sources of information are used in isolation it becomes impossible to combine data to drive better business outcomes. Read this white paper to learn how an integrated CMS platform brings all of these tools together to consolidate the data gathered about your online visitors and turn them into buyers. 

  • Why is Marketing Automation So Hot Right Now?

    Changing buyer behaviors are transforming the way businesses market and sell. Before the Internet revolution, buyers were limited in the ways they could obtain product information to make a purchase.  But the Internet has moved buyers into a position of power with access to product information that they find on their own online. Now with Marketing Automation, businesses can gain deep, actionable insights into customer online behavior.  Marketers can present targeted content at the instance a prospect expresses interest for the most immediate positive impact. This whitepaper explores the online trends that have reshaped the marketplace and gives insights into Marketing’s leadership role in driving higher revenues. 
  • Website Personalization: Seven Tips to Avoid a Static Online Presence

    Eric Odell

    Too many businesses still measure online success by the amount of traffic they drive to their website. They devote substantial budgets to improving search engine rankings and exposing their site to new visitors. But each visitor and customer is unique. Therefore, your web strategy should be as unique as they are. Today, your website visitors have higher expectations for their user experience. They expect personalized content relevant to their interests to help move them along their purchase decision. This white paper takes a close look at personalization, how it works, and the tools you need to tailor and deliver personalized content to your website visitors.  

  • Three Steps to a Better Mobile Strategy

    Gabe Sumner
    Mobile device proliferation continues at a break-neck pace, far outpacing the ability of content providers to keep up. There’s no doubt that the mobile storm is coming, with 2014 pegged as the year when mobile web access tops that from desktops. Whether you are just starting to address mobile, or reevaluating your current mobile strategy, this whitepaper presents three steps to jumpstart your mobile strategy and help you find the one that’s right for you.
  • Maximizing SharePoint Assets via Effective Web Content Management

    Gabe Sumner

    SharePoint is a great tool used by thousands of organizations to collaborate, store data, and keep dispersed workforces working in sync. Because organizations rely on SharePoint for some things, it creates an incentive to use SharePoint for ALL things, including web content management (WCM). While SharePoint is a fantastic product, it wasn't designed for complex web content management tasks. This whitepaper will review the challenges of using SharePoint as WCM and explore how customers are better served by Sitefinity Connector for SharePoint when leveraging their SharePoint assets for public-facing websites and mobile apps.

  • Managing the Rising Tide of Mobile-Devices with Responsive Design

    Jordan Angelov and Gabe Sumner
    Mobile traffic is expected to overtake desktop Internet usage by 2014. With the proliferation of various screen sizes and resolutions, organizations increasingly need a mobile strategy to help them deliver an optimized web experience across all devices and platforms. This whitepaper explores the cutting-edge responsive design technique which enables a single website template to adapt fluidly to numerous devices, and explains how you can leverage it for your website with Sitefinity Mobile CMS.
  • SEO Checklist: 7 Essential Checks Before Launching Your Sitefinity Website

    Stanislav Padarev

    Before publishing a new Sitefinity website, you should validate that your pages are aligned with current best practices in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Sitefinity comes with great out-of-the-box tools that can be an enormous resource to you when developing your SEO strategy, a critical step if you are to avoid common SEO mistakes that set efforts back. This article provides a detailed checklist of tasks that will help maximize your SEO efforts. Complete these before you publish, and your SEO program will be in good shape.

  • Sitefinity Security and Best Practices

    Svetla Yankova
    Many large organizations rely on Sitefinity for delivering their web presence - from government agencies, financial institutions and Fortune 500 companies to various businesses all over the world. Security is one of the aspects that no organization can compromise with. This whitepaper reviews the most common threats that organizations face today, what Sitefinity is doing to prevent them, and what extra steps are available in order to make your environment more secure.
  • ASP.NET MVC in Sitefinity

    Ivan Osmak

    Sitefinity is the first content management system to offer developers the ability to switch freely between WebForms or ASP.NET MVC when developing web applications. Depending on your project needs, Sitefinity ASP.NET MVC CMS allows you to choose among several types of Sitefinity pages and templates: hybrid, pure and classic. This whitepaper explores the ASP.NET MVC and Razor support in Sitefinity and explains the modes in which it could be used.

  • CMS & Ecommerce in One Application

    Steve Miller
    For organizations that are managing online stores and web content there are numerous benefits of integrating Content Management Systems and Ecommerce into a single application. Read this whitepaper to see how combining these components provides a better experience for the user, while simultaneously creating new business value. 
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