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In a fast-track marketplace, enterprises must ready themselves to develop and deliver compelling customer experiences that outpace the competition. Yet, most are unable to do so because of dated and disparate sites that are difficult to update and costly to maintain.

DigitalFactory for Sites is a scalable, multi-site management platform that empowers businesses to rapidly respond to market changes with creative, feature-rich, multi-site experiences that engage their customers

  • Create new sites faster than ever, without added complexity or burden - no infrastructure!
  • Drive messaging and branding consistently across sites with shared assets
  • Speed conversations with comprehensive cross-site experience management tools
  • Facilitate multi-site governance with granular access control and detailed workflows
  • Simplify DevOps processes with a common code base

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Digital Transformation by Progress

Elevate your web presence through unified systems, processes and procedures and transform your customer experience. DigitalFactory for Sites is a cornerstone to digital transformation, enabling enterprises to transform their customer experience and elevate their web presence. Explore other Progress technologies to see how we can help your organization digitally transform.

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