A WCM that Doesn't Get in the Way of Creativity 

Naturally Mobile Friendly

Sitefinity is the only CMS that incorporates Responsive Design directly into the content management experience.  This enables a single website to be adapted for an unlimited number of mobile devices.  By using drag & drop layouts, Sitefinity detects the website layout, then responsive rule-sets instruct Sitefinity how to transform layouts for different devices.

Review the “Managing the Rising Tide of Mobile-Devices with Responsive Design” whitepaper.

Personalize for Each Visitor

Show the right content to the right person by defining your audience, then delivering them personalized content.  These personalizations can be applied not only to single a single page, but also to the underlying templates.  Through these templates, powerful site-wide transformations can be configured and used to adapt the visual style of the entire website for each visitor.

Learn more about Content Personalization.

Design Layouts Effortlessly

Rapidly sketch your website’s design using Sitefinity’s drag and drop layouts.  Once your layout is placed on a page canvass, you can quickly establish the structure of your site--header, sidebar, content, footer, etc.  Optional CSS classes can be added to create unique styling, all done in the context of templates that provide complete control of the HTML.

Learn more about Drag and Drop Layouts.

Preserves Your Design

Sitefinity protects your website integrity by allowing you to define sandboxed editable page regions.  Content authors are limited to these regions, and Sitefinity’s drag & drop widgets guide their efforts.  In addition, the built-in Rich Text editor de-emphasizes tools that produce destructive styling (font types, colors, etc.), automatically cleaning pasted Microsoft Word content.  

Accommodates Any Design

Sitefinity provides full control of your website’s HTML markup, and the freedom to create any design. Each page in Sitefinity is based on a template. Within these templates are editable regions that deliver content authors can use. These templates and the location of the interactive regions are completely under your control, and give you the freedom to create any design.