Elegant API that Provides the Agility to Address Constant Change

Based on .NET Technologies

Sitefinity feels instantly familiar to .NET developers. The system is based on standard and widely understood ASP.NET technologies, including: .NET controls, MVC views, .NET data providers, Master Pages, and Themes. Each of these technologies can be used to extend Sitefinity to address unique project requirements.

Supports MVC and Razor

Sitefinity is the only CMS that can switch freely between Web Forms and MVC. Each Sitefinity template has three modes: Web Forms, MVC, and mixed mode - where MVC controllers and Web Forms controls can coexist on the same page. Sitefinity’s MVC implementation is fully aligned with Microsoft’s, meaning existing MVC code works ‘as is’ in Sitefinity.

Learn more about ASP.NET MVC support in Sitefinity.

Quickly Define Custom Data

Sitefinity’s Module Builder helps you address unique project requirements by letting you define new content types using a web-based interface.  Using this tool you can define new data models and then create one-to-one, one-to-many or many-to-many associations with other content types.  Sitefinity will automatically generate a user-friendly administrative UI for managing this data, as well as a full-featured API that can be used to create additional extensions.

Visual Studio Integration

Sitefinity Thunder is a Visual Studio plug-in that enables developers to access their websites--as well as numerous helpful tools--without ever leaving Visual Studio. Use the many included code templates to rapidly create and deploy extensions. The widget templates control the website markup and can be accessed directly through Visual Studio. Widget templates also include full IntellSense support.

Fully Exposed API

All parts of Sitefinity can be accessed through its API.   From Visual Studio, begin by simply typing: App.WorkWith(). Then let Sitefinity guide your efforts through IntelliSense.  By combining this functionality with LINQ, you can quickly compose rich interactions with Sitefinity’s data.  Use Sitefinity’s RESTful API--built on WCF services--to integrate your website with external applications.

Includes the Telerik Toolset

Telerik maintains an entire suite of products focused on developer productivity.   These tools were used to build Sitefinity, and they come included with Sitefinity:

  • RadControls helps you create rich interactive web-based UI’s
  • OpenAccess ORM is used to create powerful data models
  • Kendo UI powers cutting-edge HTML5 interfaces 
These tools can be used seamlessly within Sitefinity to get the job done quicker.