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Manage Multiple Websites

Leverage existing infrastructure by centrally managing multiple websites within a single instance of Sitefinity.  Sitefinity makes it easy to share web assets (content, images, templates, users, settings, etc.) between sites, while simultaneously providing granular permission-based control over each individual user's access.

Learn more about Multisite Management.

Synchronize Deployment Environments

Keep development, testing and production environments in sync without aggravation. Sitefinity's SiteSync makes it easy to migrate content, taxonomies, pages, templates and more through various stages of deployment.  Furthermore, because this tool is based on the CMIS standard it can be used to share CMS data with external applications.

Learn more about Sitefinity SiteSync.

Leverage Cloud Technologies

Bring your website to the cloud using Sitefinity's native support for Windows Azure and SQL Azure. Sitefinity supports multi-instance Azure deployments, as well as session state providers and web-farms. This enables your organization to rapidly scale computing capacity to manage spikes in visitor traffic using Azure’s fully redundant, highly available infrastructure.

Learn more about Sitefinity and Windows Azure

Seamlessly Integrated Security

Use existing usernames, passwords and permissions to grant access to Sitefinity by using Sitefinity's Active Directory support. This feature can be combined with Windows Authentication to give users immediate access to the website using their Windows' credentials. And claims-based authentication enables single sign-on to multiple websites.

Review the “Sitefinity Security and Best Practices” whitepaper.

Put Your Workflows to Work

Sitefinity workflows can do much more than simply change content states, send emails and fetch approvals.  Based on Windows Workflow Foundation 4.0 (WFF) Sitefinity can incorporate custom workflows that integrate with external systems, enforce corporate rules, perform complex actions, tap into Sitefinity's API and much more.


The Sitefinity licensing model is very flexible and designed to grow organically with your website's requirements. The number of servers and environments are not limited so there's no additional costs for scaling and upgrading the license edition to unlock more functionality is just  a matter of replacing a license key.