Customer Loyalty Driven by Personal Experiences

Your brand is built on engaging customers. Your content management system should put you in control of the online experience, yet liberate you from IT.

Target Your Message with Personalization

Make your messages more effective by tailoring them to specific audiences. With Sitefinity by Telerik, you can create roles to define which audience type sees which content, producing relevant experiences for each and every visitor. These automated personalizations can be extremely rich and quickly tested by impersonating each of your defined audience segments prior to publishing.

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Mobile Optimized for Any Device

Don’t let platform restrictions limit your mobile strategy. There are many ways to tackle mobile, so you need a flexible platform that empowers business agility. With Sitefinity by Telerik, you can leverage ALL the mobile options available today. From Responsive Web Design, that makes your website mobile-friendly for any device, to mobile apps, or dedicated mobile websites, Sitefinity helps you deploy the approach that’s right for your business. Device specific and device agnostic sites have useful roles in the marketing mix, and you get them all with Sitefinity.

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Create and Refine Email Campaigns

Sitefinity helps you optimize your customer engagement by giving you the tools to test and perfect your marketing messages. Create emails using simple drag & drop tools that even technical novices can master. Personalize emails for each individual recipient, and refine using advanced A/B testing. Once the emails are sent, deliveries are tracked and Sitefinity produces detailed reports that let you evaluate your campaign performance. The simplicity and useful tools in Sitefinity lets marketers focus their time on strategy, rather than execution.

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Maximize Impact with Social Media

Whether sharing offers or building awareness, effective social media is essential for any business. Sitefinity CMS has social media tools to help you broadcast a message to multiple channels simultaneously. Sitefinity contains a consistent all-in-one feature-set which includes forums, blogs, events, news, comments, and email campaigns. In addition, all content can be syndicated (via RSS or Atom), or directly published to Facebook fan pages or Twitter accounts.

Intuitive User Interface

A website quickly becomes useless if it’s hard to update. Sitefinity’s intuitive user interface makes it possible for anyone to safely access, edit and create content. The page editor makes it easy to create rich, dynamic content by interacting with user-friendly web-based interfaces. Create content by dragging & dropping widgets and layouts onto a page. Once in place, these widgets can be edited using intuitive interfaces that gently enforce design guidelines and workflow to protect your website integrity.

Integrated with Google Analytics

Measure the effectiveness of your web site by using Google's industry-leading web analytics. Sitefinity adds tracking codes to each web page, ensuring that all site activity is analyzed. You can then access detailed visual reports directly from Sitefinity, without having to launch Google Analytics.