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  • Responsive Design for the Sitefinity Ecommerce Module

    The styles from this blog post are created and tested for version 6.2 of Sitefinity. It's not a secret that responsive design can boost the sales on your ecommerce site a lot. Since Sitefinity already offers an ecommerce module, in this blog post I'm going to demonstrate to you how ...
  • Responsive Design for the Sitefinity Forums

    The styles from this blog post are created and tested for version 6.2 of Sitefinity. In my previous blog post I showed you how to extend the responsive design feature in Sitefinity CMS by styling the Dashboard for devices with higher dimensions. In this blog post I have prepared for ...
  • Dashboard Responsive Design

    With the release of the new Dashboard module in Sitefinity CMS we introduced responsive design for the dashboard page. This functionality allows content editors to track changes on the site even on their mobile phones. In this blog post I'm going to show you how to fully take advantage of ...
  • Styling a Sitefinity website

    Flexibility and robustness when designing a website are key factors when working CMS. Having to learn a CMS-specific templating pattern is a no-go, especially if you are on a tight deadline. That is why we made designing a Sitefinity website a task you already know how to do quickly, as ...
  • Forcing authors to use your predefined CSS classes to style their content in Sitefinity 5

    Coming from this blog post, I wanted to highlight the way the Sitefinity team made it easier to change the configuration of the WYSIWYG editor that is used in various places throughout the CMS. You don’t even have to enter the “Advanced” section of the administration of Sitefinity, as ...
  • Skinning the Sitefinity Navigation

    Ever seen a website with no navigation? I certainly haven’t.  It’s an essential element in every website and there’s a golden rule that the navigation has to be visually appealing and has to really do the job of helping your visitors find their way through your website easily. Sitefinity helps ...
  • Customizing the Sitefinity WYSIWYG Editor

    The Telerik RadEditor is the first of the RadControls, a tool with long history that has undergone huge improvements ever since its first edition back in 2002. It is the core of the Sitefinity rich text WYSIWYG editor, that is used in a number of locations (Content Blocks, new content ...
  • Expose SpamProtector (Captcha) as a public property of a ContentView based control

    Each ContentView based control represents content items that have been created from the backend or programmatically. The ContentView based control has two modes List - shows all items as a list. Details - shows a single item from the list. Build-in ContentView based controls are - EventsView, BlogPosts, NewsView, ContentView ...
  • Change Password and Password Recovery Controls in Sitefinity

    Although the Change Password and the Password Recovery controls, from Visual Studio, were not included with Sitefinity, you can create them yourself. First, make a user control and place a Password Recovery and a Change Password control on it. In this case, I will call them PasswordRecovery1 and ChangePassword1. Then, ...
  • First book on Sitefinity: Sitefinity Made Easy, by Aimee Nusz

    Aimee Nusz has written a book on Sitefinity, published by Falafel. The book is aimed at users and power users or as Falafel has put it: “This two-day courseware aims to teach non-developers how to build a viable web site in two days. Each lesson builds on the skills learned ...
  • Welcome to the “Looking good!” category

    Having a “really, really, ridiculously good looking” web site is important. In this category we’ll be posting tips, advice and tutorials how to make your site look good. In our quest to wow your visitors, we’ll be taking advantage of award-winning rad Controls suit which comes as a part of ...
  • Using your own Master Page and providing blog-like calendar navigation

    This blog post will explain the basic procedure of creating your own Master Page for Sitefinity and, just to make it a bit less dull, we’ll make navigation in a blog-like calendar fashion. Personally, I don’t think this is a perfect way for providing navigation (heck, I don’t think it’s ...