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  • Sitefinity 10.1 Optimizes Web Site Startup Performance

    Working with a product for many years there is always something that irritates you at least a little :). We can all agree that this view is quite familiar to all Sitefinity developers and we want to spend less time with it: Sitefinity 10.1 boosts the startup performance phase of ...
  • Let Sitefinity Implement Web Services for You

    With Progress Sitefinity, you can create dynamic content types without any overhead. Editing content items is also really easy. But while all of this sounds great on paper, developers ultimately need to have more control via an API.​
  • Sitefinity performance boosters - keeping your pages warm

     A question I’ve received multiple times is “Why is it taking so long to load Sitefinity the first time after I recycle my application pool/restart my server/make change in my web.config file, etc"? The answer is simple – it’s how .NET works! Sitefinity is an ASP.NET web application. As such, ...
  • Tips to optimize your website performance

    Here are some good practices that you can use to optimize the performance of your website. Ensure that compilation debug property is set to false on your production - Don’t run production ASP.NET Applications with debug=”true” enabled . Enable PageCaching - the default CachingProvider that is used for pages ...
  • Optimize backend CategoriesView performance in Sitefinity 3.7

    Recently we received several bug reports from some of our customers about problems with CategoriesView performance when they have over 200 categories. We ran some test and it turned out that the counting that we perform and the view structure produced very large output. This leads to server timeout or ...
  • Performance Optimizations Part 2 – Cache Substitution Controls

    In the previous article “Performance Optimizations - Why Output Cache is Important” we saw a brief overview of output caching and how it can help overall performance and experience of our sites. We also narrowed down possible problems that output caching may impose in certain scenarios. In this ...
  • Performance Optimizations - Why Output Cache is Important

    I’m starting a series of articles on performance optimizations in Sitefinity. In the first article I will explain what Output Cache is, how it works, what options Sitefinity offers and why does it matter. ASP.Net is a great technology allowing us to easily create dynamic pages. Dynamic as opposed to ...