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  • How to Win the SEO Battle: Taking Advantage of Structured Data

    Structured data is the method search engines use to automatically crawl your website and to truly understand it.
  • Keeping your website up to date - Sitefinity Upgrades

    The benefits of keeping Sitefinity up to date. Tips and tricks to keep in mind when upgrading your website.
  • Website Development at Progress

    At Progress, we use Sitefinity CMS for our company websites. As a result, many of the features that have been released as part of Sitefinity during the years were developed in response to the problems we faced when using the product ourselves.
  • Hook OWIN middleware into Sitefinity

    Starting from version 10.2, Sitefinity supports easy OWIN pluggability (yes, this is a real word).
  • How does Single Sign-On work with Sitefinity?

    Sitefinity can be setup to use Single Sign-On (SSO) combined with Windows Authentication, as described on This article shows what is happening under the hood and how all the pieces fit together. 1) The Sitefinity site redirects to the STS site Whenever users need to be authenticated, Sitefinity ...
  • Custom Subscribe Widget

    This blog post will show how to customize the default subscribe widget such that front end users have the ability to select the mailing list they wish to subscribe to. This functionality is useful when your solution includes several campaigns your users can chose from. The first thing we need ...
  • A Look at Telerik Sitefinity Customization - Extending Modules to Fit Your Needs

    In an upcoming video tutorial that I'm putting together this month, I'll be continuing the theme of extensibility and customization in Telerik Sitefinity. Here's the story The Sitefinity forms module allows users to subscribe to be notified when a visitor submits a response. It's a great feature, but if the ...
  • Visual Studio Integration Tip - Control Designers

    It’s no surprise that people are more likely to use something when it looks nice and is easy to navigate. Sitefinity Thunder makes it simple to transform cryptic and confusing widgets into ones that users will actually enjoy well...using. First, let’s take a quick look at the “cryptic and confusing” ...
  • Import External Data into Sitefinity Custom Modules

    So, you’ve created a custom module, great! Now what? Well, now it’s time to get some data in there. Sitefinity’s Module Builder generates code samples that you can use to start interacting with custom content types right away. In this post, I’m going to show you how I used those ...
  • Adding Custom Route for Static Web Forms In Sitefinity Sites

    Today's bog post deals with the concept of using ASP.NET Routing in your Sitefinity application. Typically in ASP.NET an incoming request for a URL typically maps to a physical file handling the request (e.g. an .aspx file). However in some use case scenarios you might want to define URLs that ...
  • Working with Sitefinity Permissions API - Managing Permissions

    Every now and then we receive questions from our clients regarding managing permissions in Sitefinity CMS through code. With this blog post we aim at addressing the most common scenario of granting and denying specific actions on Sitefinity secured objects. Let's take Pages for example. Prior to proceeding, please note ...
  • Open Project: Amazon S3 Blob Storage Provider

    Overview A small open project for an Amazon S3 storage provider is now publicly shared on GitHub. The project is bundled with documentation in the form of a .docx file, a ReadMe and a Wiki page. The full project and documentation are at Sitefinity's Amazon S3 Blob ...
  • Sorting dynamic and content items by title and email in the Grid

    This implementation is not working with versions Sitefinity 5.4, Sitefinity 6.0 and Sitefinity 6.1, because of a bug in Sitefinity. Note: To workaround the bug and implement this feature for versions Sitefinity 5.4, Sitefinity 6.0 and Sitefinity 6.1 you need to manually change the DyanmicModuleConfig.config file and remove from the ...