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Open Project: Amazon S3 Blob Storage Provider

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A small open project for an Amazon S3 storage provider is now publicly shared on GitHub. The project is bundled with documentation in the form of a .docx file, a ReadMe and a Wiki page.

The full project and documentation are at

Sitefinity's Amazon S3 Blob Storage Provider is an implementation of a cloud blob storage provider, which stores the binary blob data of Sitefinity's library items on Amazon's Simple Storage Service (S3). Note that only the binary data of the items in a library are stored on the remote blob storage. Sitefinity still manages its logical items by library with their regular meta-data properties (title, description etc) in its own database. For additional documentation about Sitefinity's Blob storage and Blob storage providers, please refer to Sitefinity's documentation at this link. For additional information about Amazon's S3 and to obtain the Amazon S3 SDK, please refer to Amazon S3 website For debug (and other) purposes, you may also interact with your Amazon S3 with external clients, such as CloudBerry's Amazon Explorer for Amazon S3 Free tool.

The Additional JavaScript Bookmarklet

The small (or not so small) bookmarklet which is added in the documentation, comes to assist the administrators in the process of registering the provider in Sitefinity's configuration under advanced-settings. Repeated clicking on it will guide the user through the process and fill what it can (e.g. give the parameters their proper names).

What can the bookmarklet do for you?

Guide you where to go

Instruct you on the next steps:

Assist in filling the fields:

Take you on:

Tell you when it's done.

For additional information please refer to the full up-to-date documentation of the project.

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