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Increase Website Registrations and Ecommerce Sales with Sitefinity and Login with Amazon

by Anton Hristov
Login with Amazon
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In May 2013, Amazon launched the Login with Amazon, a service providing the more than 200 million active Amazon customers a simple and secure login to other applications, games and websites.

What if your website offered an option for users to register and login with their existing Amazon credentials instead of filling in yet another registration form?

According to the Login with Amazon press release "Zappos and Woot, both Amazon subsidiaries, saw significant customer adoption. Zappos saw 40 percent of its new customers choose to sign-in to with an Amazon account. Woot found that new customers picked Login with Amazon two times more often than any other social login on their site, and those customers had the highest rate of order conversion.

We felt that our Sitefinity customers should also be able to provide frictionless registration and login on their websites for Amazon customers, as everyone would benefit from hassle free sign-in and higher customer engagement. For example, Sitefinity Ecommerce websites can improve users' online shopping experience and increase their trust by providing secure authentication with existing Amazon credentials, leading to a reduction in shopping cart abandonment and increased sales.

We worked with Amazon to provide a ready-to-use Sitefinity integration for Login with Amazon. And since at every stage of the authentication process there can be some possible customizations, we are providing the source code on GitHub, and our Sitefinity partners can assist you with the setup.


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  1. cormac Jul 24, 2013
    Thanks Anton - looks interesting. Can they checkout through amazon stored cards then? 
    Also is it for and .com, as far as I remember there is a difference between the two. 

  2. Anton Jul 24, 2013
    Login with Amazon supports all Amazon users including those from UK. The only country that is not supported at the moment is China. One caveat is that the sign-in UI strings haven't been localized yet and will appear in US English in every geography, but Amazon is working on localizing those strings. 

    About your other question, this feature supports only user logins and doesn't provide ability to checkout through amazon stored cards.

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