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Sitefinity Self-Service License Management Improvements

by Anton Hristov

Today we released new functionality on our websites that provides customers with access to new self-service features to manage Telerik® Sitefinity™ licenses and register domains within their Telerik account that will make completing these tasks faster and simpler than ever before.

You can now register all domain types with a Sitefinity license and download the respective license key from their account. 

Register a new Sitefinity domain

As you can see from the screenshot above that we’ve introduced the following domain types:

  • Production: domains used to access a website in a production environment (e.g.
  • Staging: domains used for non-production purposes such as website development and testing (e.g.
  • Alias: an alternative name of an existing production domain. For example, is a domain alias to when both domains open the same website.

For Sitefinity licensing purposes, customers can register as many production domains as purchased according to their license. Unlimited number of staging domains and domain aliases can be registered free of charge as long as these domains comply with your Sitefinity license agreement and are approved by Telerik. 

Sitefinity domains

We aim to review and approve all existing domains by March 31, 2016, but you can immediately download an updated license key that works with domains pending approval, ensuring there’s no interruption to your operations. If our team rejects a domain, you would need to update the license key to ensure continuous operation of Sitefinity CMS and compliance with the license agreement.

After March 31, 2016 domains will be reviewed within one business day of registration and the license key will not include domains with status “pending.”

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  1. Bartłomiej Sep 23, 2016
    Where I will find this service. Url or how to open it after login will be useful.

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