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  • Adding custom classification to the Sitefinity search index

    With the Sitefinity 7.3 release came many improvements to the search and indexing. Out of the box partial match search and indexing of tags and categories to name a few. Adding the tags and categories to the additional fields for indexing will now automatically translate the guids of the the taxa ...
  • Change the time format of the date field when creating Events in Sitefinity

    When creating events, the time format is 24 hours. This can cause confusion for users in the US, since the preferred format there is AM/PM.  To change the format, we need to create a new template for the DateTime field. It will not contain any markup changes, we will add ...
  • Removing product tax based on user role

    Sitefinity provides different options for configuring taxes based on location and and tax class for products. Some cases require a user to be exempt from taxes, for example in a B2B scenario. This can easily be achieved by creating a new tax class for products that is tax exempt. It ...
  • Create a Sitefinity Theme in a Class Library

    This blog post will outline how to create a Sitefinity Theme in a class library. To start, if you do not have a Theme, you can generated one with Sitefinity Thunder. After that, add a new class library and move the theme files to it: In order to ...
  • Global Search and Replace in Sitefinity Content Blocks

    Sitefinity offers Shared Content Block, which allows static content on multiple pages to be easily managed from one place, eliminating the need of going through every page and editing it. However, in some cases, there are content blocks that are not shared and we would like to easily replace content ...
  • How to Retrieve Custom Fields from Older Versions of Items Using the Sitefinity API

    This will be a very short blog post showcasing how to get an older version from the Revision History and then get the value of a custom field. For this example we will use a document. In order to get the version history of an item, we need to ...
  • Implementing Sitefinity Partial Match Search

    We have received many requests on how to achieve a partial match functionality using the Sitefinity search. By default Lucene uses exact match and if you search for “choco” you will not get any results for that have “chocolate”. In order to achieve this functionality, we need to modify the ...
  • Social Share for Sitefinity News List Items

    When using the News module in Sitefinity CMS, one requirement is to be able to share a news item directly from the news list on the frontend. That way, users who find an item interesting by just reading the summary can easily share a link to the whole news item....