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  • Sitefinity, Meet OpenEdge; OpenEdge, Meet Sitefinity

    In the world of business application and data management, there is OpenEdge. OpenEdge is a platform for rapid application development, deployment and management. The platform incorporates data and application servers, advanced business language (ABL), business rules and business process management. It also encompasses Telerik Platform, which enables cross-platform native mobile ...
  • Content Personalization Using Custom Criteria

    Delivering personalized content to specific target audiences is a powerful way to attract website visitors and promote the right content to the right people, at the right time. This is how you can display products of regional interest to localized target groups, maybe display time-limited promotions to various user segments ...
  • Integrating Sitefinity CMS and SalesForce CRM

    You have your Sitefinity CMS, you have your CRM and now you want these two to interact. It is : Doable, as Sitefinity CMS, being an ASP.NET web application, allows you to easily add any functionality; Easy, as the API of the CMS, in conjunction with the variety of ...