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Sitefinity 10.2 Multi-channel Experience Optimization

by Chris Doran

In today’s business climate, the changing dynamic with customer experience pushes organizations of all sizes to deliver an optimized experience as efficiently and quickly. As I discussed during my recent Personalization 2.0 webinar with Brendan Witcher of Forrester, many organizations don’t have technology that if flexible enough and robust enough to help them deliver the personalized experiences customer demand. My favorite insight from the webinar is that your competition isn’t the someone in your vertical, it is actually the last great customer experience your target customer had.

The timing our next release of Sitefinity, 10.2, aligns perfectly to the topics discussed during this webinar. Our product teams worked to enhance Sitefinity to improve capabilities around Experience Optimization Across Channels. Today, I’m excited to announce this Sitefinity 10.2 is publicly available.

With this release, we are proud to launch out-of-box A/B Testing functionality. Smartly integrated into the platform, marketers can easily manage and optimize their testing as part of their larger experience management initiatives.

In addition to out-of-box A/B Testing, we are also working to help marketers optimize the customer journey, integrate social media marketing and provide additional tools for content marketing. And last but not least, we are launching additional feature to help organizations with compliance initiatives.

While you can find more details in the Sitefinity document, here is a list of a few features in Sitefinity 10.2:

  • Explicit consent tracking
  • Enhanced SEO controls in MVC controls
  • Improved multi-site and multi-lingual controls
  • Optimized Dynamic Compilation of Pages and Templates
  • OWIN Extensibility
  • OpenID Connect Provider

For more information about Sitefinity 10 features please check out the What’s New , 10.2 Release Notes page or contact our sales team


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