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Forrester Forum for Marketing Leaders 2015: Become Customer-Obsessed or Fail

by Robert Mattson

The Sitefinity Team attended the Forrester Forum for Marketing Leaders in New York city April 14th and 15th and heard what marketing teams from global leaders are concerned about and their projects and strategies. It was great to hear from what companies such as SAP and Google were seeing in the technology space, and how brands like Stoli and Comedy Central were addressing brand and marketing issues in the digital world. The team of analysts and researchers from Forrester shared their past research and looked into the future to see where digital marketing is going. Here are three items that should be of interest to anyone that is working with digital marketing teams:

  • In his session, Will People Really Do That? James L. McQuivey, Vice President, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research shared his thoughts about how we are in a hyper-adoption mode where the cost of trying a new app or technology is lowering, but the need for companies to constantly re-win their clients with new features and experiences is driving organizations to offer new things quicker than ever before.
  • Marketing leaders from Stoli Vodka discussed how they leveraged both online, traditional and face-to-face techniques to revitalize a brand that was perceived as old and dated.  Proving that multi-channel marketing is highly effective with people that interact the way that they choose to, on multiple devices, and demand high quality experiences across all channels
  • Comedy Central’s Chief Marketing Officer took an entirely different tack where he shared that Comedy Central isn’t a network, it’s a brand about making people laugh, with a target market of men 18-29 as their key demographic.  Comedy Central is almost all about the online experience, and they say the first question they ask about a piece of content is, “Is it shareable?”

The great news that we came away with from the event is that the Sitefinity platform is targeted toward all these types of challenges, and our partners have a chance to help these types of company reach their business goals.  If you want to learn more about what Marketing leaders were hearing, you can check out the agenda HERE.

To learn more about the Telerik Sitefinity Platform, click here.

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