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  • Select the Right CMS to Personalize the Online Experience

    If you are ready to break out of your static cookie-cutter mold and personalize your website, make certain you select the right web content management platform to help.  You will want a solution that will work well for both technical and nontechnical users.  Marketers should be able to easily accomplish ...
  • Website Personalization in Action: Supporting the Customer Journey

    Today more and more companies adopt website personalization techniques to help them reduce online abandonment rates, improve conversion rates and drive an uptick in sales.  An important factor in making personalization programs work is to understand the online customer journey.  A Website Personalization Scenario Online visitors will interact with your ...
  • How to Harness the Power of a Personalized Website: A Personalization Primer

    A new era of expectations is driving change in the online world.  A generation of users steeped in Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media expect to find what they are looking for online immediately – regardless of where they are and the device they are using.  As a result, static, ...
  • Sitefinity Update Introduces a DAM, a Geolocation API, and Touch-Friendly Mobile Navigation

    A CMS Updated with Your Customers in Mind Your customers expect to connect and engage with your business at an increasingly accelerated pace.  They expect to engage with you using a multitude of devices and have access to a vast amount of content and digital assets.  We kept this in ...
  • Why IT Managers Must Help Marketing Manage Digital Assets

    Selecting a Web CMS with a Lightweight Digital Asset Management System In the past, IT Managers focused a great amount of their attention on infrastructure and the integration of systems.  But today, IT leaders must satisfy a growing number of constituencies within the business, including content contributors, business users, and ...
  • Selecting a WCM? Business Requirements Don’t Matter

    When selecting a web content management system, do business requirements really matter?  Business requirements are very fickle and change all too frequently. So to some extent, what really matters more is extensibility. All too often, nontechnical users simply do not understand the dynamics of selecting the right tools and platforms ...
  • Survive Any Google Panda Update – Conduct SEO Based Upon Relevance

    Say the words “Google” and “Panda” in the same breath and you just might hear a collective groan coming from the ranks of webmasters and content marketers who manage search engine optimization (SEO). The Google Panda algorithm can either make or break the search engine rankings for a website.  ...