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How to create your own Telerik International University demo website

by Gabe Sumner

Telerik University Web SiteWe use the Telerik International University demo web site to demonstrate Sitefinity’s features to potential Sitefinity customers.  Recently, I was asked if the Telerik University web site could be installed locally and used to demonstrate Sitefinity to clients.

The answer is “yes”.  The TIU demo web site is included in the Sitefinity distribution and can be installed & run locally.  The instructions below describe how to create your own Telerik University web site.

Step 1 – Download & Install Sitefinity

The Telerik University web site is included with Sitefinity.  To get access to this demo web site, Sitefinity must first be downloaded and installed using the EXE installer.

Sitefinity Download

Installation of Sitefinity on Windows Vista or Windows 7 can be challenging.  Before installing Sitefinity, IIS must be installed on your computer.  If IIS is not installed, the Sitefinity installation will fail and roll-back.  Follow these instructions to successfully install Sitefinity 3.x. 

Step 2 – Create the TIU Web Site

The Sitefinity Project Manager includes an Explore Sample Site option that can be used to create a local Telerik International University web site.  Click the Explore Sample Site link to create the TIU web site.

Explore Sample Site option

Step 3 – Done

It will take a few seconds, but the Project Manager will create a new Telerik International University Sample Site.

Telerik International University Sample Site successfully created

Click the Browse button to browse the new web site. 

Here are the administrator credentials for this sample web site

Username: admin
Password: password

Manually Creating a TIU Web Site

The Project Manager is the easiest way to get a new TIU web site created.  However, it can sometimes be difficult to get the Project Manager working.  If you prefer, you can manually create a new TIU web site.  The TIU web site is contained in a file that sits inside the Sitefinity installation directory:

32-bit Windows: C:\Program Files\Telerik\Sitefinity3.7\ProjectManager\App_Data
64-bit Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\Telerik\Sitefinity3.7\ProjectManager\App_Data

Select the file

Copy the contents of this file into a fresh (blank project) Sitefinity web site (overwriting any existing files).  Once these TIU files are in place, load the web site and step through Sitefinity’s Project Startup.

Select SQLExpress for Sitefinity

The TIU web site data is stored in the ~/App_Date/Sitefinity.mdf database file.  Select SqlExpress to use this file.  (Using other database types is possible, but this will require you to manually extract and migrate the data from the Sitefinity.mdf database).

Continue through the remaining Project Startup steps to complete the installation.

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