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Sitefinity is now available in 10 languages

by Gabe Sumner

Earlier today Anton Hristov posted on Twitter that Sitefinity is now available in 10 languages.  These Sitefinity translations are graciously contributed by the Sitefinity community and provide translated versions of Sitefinity’s administrative UI. 

Sitefinity's Administrative Interface translated in Spanish

Sitefinity has now been translated into:

  • Arabic
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Croatian
  • Hungarian
  • Italian
  • Dutch
  • Norwegian
  • Russian

Download Sitefinity Language Translations

Installing a Sitefinity Language Pack

Below are the instructions for installing and using the Sitefinity Language Translations:

1.  Download the localization resources and unzip the ZIP file.

Language packs available for Sitefinity

Inside this zip file are folders (named by culture) for the available languages

2. Copy the folder for whatever language you require into the ~/bin folder of your Sitefinity web site.

Coping Sitefinity's Language Folder to the Bin folder

This example creates a ~/bin/es folder.  Inside this folder are several DLL files.  Multiple language folders can be copied into the ~/bin folder if multiple languages are required.

3.  Enable localization for the desired languages in the ~/web.config file - (see instructions)

Sitefinity Localization setting in the Web.config file

Note that the folder that I copied above (es) matches one of the cultures mentioned above.

I found comments in the Sitefinity forums that suggested that the Sitefinity project needed to be rebuilt in Visual Studio and the web application restarted before the new languages would become available.  In my own experience, I found that updating the web.config file was enough to get this working…

4.  Login to Sitefinity and select a new language from the dropdown list

The language dropdown in Sitefinity

Sitefinity is now be localized for that language.

Sitefinity translated to Spanish

Contributing your own translations

As mentioned, these language translations are contributed by the Sitefinity community and we greatly appreciate their help and contributions. 

If you’re interested in contributing, you can help by creating a new translation of Sitefinity's UI in your language and sending it to us to compile. You can do this by submitting a support ticket with your translation as an attachment.  If you need help or instructions, please let us know.


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  1. Chris Jun 29, 2010
    Hi Gabe,

    Would it be possible to create an online workspace to allow multiple translators to work on a translation? This could be a simple website, a Subversion repository, maybe even a forum to manually coordinate our efforts.

    I would like to help translate Sitefinity into other languages, but don't really feel like targeting the whole thing on my own, only to discover later that somebody else is already doing the exact same thing and submitted it a day before I could finish mine.
    If I submit partial translations (or even just correct somebody else's typo), then you guys would have to merge them manually - not quite an ideal solution either.

    Just a thought...

  2. Gabe Sumner Jun 30, 2010
    I love the idea.  Although I wonder how Sitefinity 4.0 will impact this.  With 4.0, UI translations are handled inside the CMS (no more RESX files) and then easily exported.   In this new environment we could potentially setup web sites and allow the community to contribute to these translations through the web site.

    This is just me thinking aloud, so don't read much into this.  I'll toss your suggestion to the team.  Thanks for the feedback Chris.
  3. Ivan Ribeiro Jul 04, 2010
    Do you have any prevision to portuguese (brazil)?
  4. Mark Nov 29, 2012
    I need to download these but the links are broken
    Can you make available please

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