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Sitefinity 4.0 BETA Webinar – Now Posted

by Gabe Sumner

It took me a few days, but the Sitefinity 4.0 BETA webinar is now uploaded & available for your viewing pleasure:

Watch this video in its full-sized glory at

Those of you who attended this webinar live know that we experienced a few technical issues during this webinar.  The biggest challenge was that the webinar was ended (for everyone) about 8 minutes into the presentation.  This forced everyone, myself included, to rejoin.  This was definitely a first and I apologize to anyone who didn’t make it back into the webinar. 

In addition, I was using a pre-BETA build for the demonstration.  This demo build was created  minutes before the webinar and, sadly, we discovered issues during the live webinar.  The small technical issues seen in the video will be fixed for the BETA.

We were also overwhelmed with questions.  During this webinar we received 407 questions.  Ivan Osmak went into auctioneer mode to address these questions, but even this wasn’t enough to stem the tide. 

All of these factors made the webinar deviate from the pacing and presentation that I had practiced.  But that’s the fun of live events.  :)   Despite the unplanned bumps, there is a lot of great information packed into the video.


Regarding the 407 questions, I trimmed the huge question & answer session from the end of this video.  From an editing perspective, it was simply too much.  It was also extremely rapid fire and difficult to follow.  What we will do instead is organize these questions and answers through the blogs.  Internally we’re already collaborating on answers and we’ll get them posted later in the week.

Also, if you’re interested the code and powerpoint slides from this presentation have been posted in another blog post.  The BETA will be released later this week and we’re anxious for your feedback!


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  1. Steve Aug 03, 2010
    It's amazingly annoying that I can't fast forward with the telerik flash player

    I enjoyed the webinar, but having to sit through the intro of what is sitefinity is a bit irritating the second time through...
  2. Gabe Sumner Aug 03, 2010
    Hey Steve, you can fast forward...but only as far as the video has loaded.  For me, the entire video is loaded in about 1 minute.  I can then jump to any point in the video.

    All this being said, we're evaluating a new video provider for Telerik TV.  This new provider would allow instant seek to any point in the video without the pre-load.
  3. Tom Aug 04, 2010
    Sitefinity 4.0 looks great! We are really excited to see the Beta. I noted a small bug when Gabe was manipulating images that went unnoticed.

    When Gabe changed the title to the image HomePic01, it actually changed the title to the image that was titles HomePic04. Go back and review the video, and you should see what I am talking about.

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