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Dedicated discussion forum for Sitefinity 4.0 SDK conversations

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Earlier today a new discussion forum was created for conversations about the Sitefinity 4.0 SDK (software development kit).  This new resource gives developers a dedicated forum for deep-dive programming questions related to the SDK.

New Sitefinity developer discussion forum for Sitefinity 4.0 SDK questions

We’ve already seen ton a wonderful discussions and suggestions prompted by the SDK release.  So much discussion, in fact, that it was overwhelming our General Discussion forum.

We don’t want to give anyone the perception that deep SDK knowledge is required for using Sitefinity.  The Sitefinity 4.0 SDK is intended for developers.  Our goal is to equip developers with the tools needed to create incredible Sitefinity add-on’s.  However, non-developers are also empowered through user-friendly web-based user-interfaces.  These web-based tools allow web site contributions to create forms, layouts and powerful functionality with drag & drop ease.  No code required.

Our hope is that both of these stories (developer ease, end-user ease) will converge in the Sitefinity marketplace.  Developers will be empowered to create add-on’s for Sitefinity and end-users will be empowered to easily install and use these add-on’s in Sitefinity.

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  1. Neil Aug 18, 2010
    Reality I found is you will need developer knowledge, time and a licensed copy of Visual Studio 2010. How can sitefinity advocate its as simple as drag and drop in version 4 its no different to whats being left behind requiring heavy customisation. You will need to be, know or use a third party developer to extend functionality at additional cost. Using the SDK highlights many features implemented in previous versions that are more than just useful are missing and upto to beta impossible to implement by drag and drop.

    This said I don't doubt the support will be excellent.

    Best Regards

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