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Sitefinity Weekly Builds have begun!

by Gabe Sumner

As we get closer to the official release of Sitefinity 4.0 (in January 2011) there will be an updated build (new version) of Sitefinity available each week.  These updates will contain:

  1. Fixes to issues reported by the community
  2. New features, not yet unveiled in public Sitefinity 4.0 releases
  3. Performance improvements
  4. Developer improvements

The first of these releases was released last Friday.  Sitefinity 4.0 RC Build 4.0.941.0 is now available for everyone to download from your account.

What’s New

  • Set default CssClass property to Image, Video and Document link widgets

What’s Fixed


  • · Small Widget editor fixes
  • · JavaScript error "Object expected" if you edit Navigation control in IE7
  • · Download Link widget> From Already Uploaded tab sets wrong html tags for date and author


  • Scheduling dialog shows incorrect publication and expiration dates
  • "More actions" menu doesn't close if you click on the "Cancel" link of the Scheduling dialog
  • Loading progress indicator is not displayed during blog creation
  • Incorrect count of categories and tags in the filter by category/tag in the right pane

Images, Videos and Documents

  • "Insert an image", "Insert a document" and "Insert a video" dialogs allow the selection of files with any extension
  • "Ambiguous match found" error when creating content items
  • Loading process proceeds indefinitely when a video is saved as draft
  • Loading doesn't finish and buttons are not displayed when more than one library exists and the user uploads an item without specifying in which library it should be stored
  • Unnecessary upload button appear in Images, Videos and Documents modules when localization is on
  • Manage albums link redirects to a screen with items from the Default Provider, when there is more than one provider in a module
  • Grid View icon always redirects to a screen with items from the Default Provider, when there is more than one provider in a module


  • Trying to revert to an older content item version shows a message that an item with the same url already exists
  • Return code: 12031 error when trying to Unlock an item


  • 2 level approval workflow: updated changed status messages in Pages

Multilingual Support

  • ScriptManager null reference exceptions when creating copies of a page in another language, and any of these widgets are on the page: News, Content or Blog
  • When language different than English is set as default users can create blogs in English only
  • Trying to add a page translation inside page edit causes an error "'this.get_baseList()' is null or not an object"
  • Clicking on "Revision History" link throws an error "baseList.getFormattedBackLabel is not a function"
  • Adding new language versions to tags and categories, while creating a content item prevents the user from saving
  • Working in SV-sv culture causes the Analytics application to crash. Introduced fallback for parsing culture specific data


  • Adding a toolbox section causes page editor to hang
  • Deleting default configuration produces no result


  • RadEditor inserts wrong HTML for tables


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  1. john Tolar Jan 05, 2011
    I guess the weekly builds have stopped? Haven't seen one in almost 2 weeks.
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