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Announcing 4 new Sitefinity 4.0 Starter Kits

by Gabe Sumner

I have some exciting news to announce!  Behind the scenes, we currently have 4 starter kits in development for Sitefinity 4.0.  When Sitefinity 4.0 is officially released these starter kits will be included with the SDK and give everyone access to a wealth of resources and tools.

Here are the starter kits currently being developed (listed in alphabetical order):


Telerik has been a long time sponsor of GiveCamp.  In the past, we’ve donated Sitefinity to participating charity teams, volunteered as a team and provided on-site support.  However, this year, during the upcoming national GiveCamp, we’re going to go even further. 


Through this starter kit, we’ll be providing all teams with an instant full-featured charity web site.  This will include donation forms, PayPal integration, social media widgets, volunteer opportunities, event scheduling and more. 

This starter kit is being developed by Josh Morales and Telerik.


Telerik International University (TIU) has long been our trusty demo web site.  This web site was included in the Sitefinity installation and was shown to thousands of prospective customers.  This web site is now reborn with Sitefinity 4.0

TIU (4)

This starter kit will demonstrate how far you can go with Sitefinity 4.0’s built-in functionality, sprinkled with a few customizations.  This web site is being created by 1 developer & 1 designer in 1 week.  The Education Starter Kit will stand as a testament to the productivity gains offered by 4.0.

This starter kit is being developed by Hristo Borisov and Telerik.


A huge chunk of my day (every day) is spent on internal communication.  Telerik is growing and there are a lot of moving parts; it’s sometimes hard to stay in the loop.  Consequently, I’m extremely interested in how web site technology can help organizations communicate & collaborate internally. 


This Intranet starter kit is being created by Falafel Software and is designed to address these real-world internal challenges.  The starter kit will include solutions for scheduling, instant messaging, status (who is online), reporting, event registration, travel planning and more.

This starter kit is being developed by Lino Tadros and Falafel.

Real Estate

Prior to working for Telerik, I did web development for the real estate industry.  I worked with  dozens of MLS systems and created systems to help agents manage their listings online.  In fact, the reason I work at Telerik is because I discovered Sitefinity while researching CMS solutions for a real estate web site.  Sitefinity has always been a great fit for these web sites.


This starter kit will provide real estate companies with a huge head start on their project, as well as giving developers a template for adding custom features to Sitefinity.  It will include a property listing module, property search, agent directory, photo galleries, maps and more.

This starter kit is being developed by ProPeople.

Real-world development stories

Each of the starter kit creators mentioned above (Falafel, ProPeople & Telerik) have graciously agreed to share their stories with the community.  During the coming weeks I’ll be interviewing these Sitefinity 4.0 experts and sharing their stories with the community.

In particular, expect the following:

  • Productivity tips - how to maximize your output with Sitefinity 4.0
  • Best practices - how to position yourself for success
  • Hidden gems – there is a lot of power packed in the underlying API

Furthermore, when Sitefinity 4.0 is released all of the components used in these starter kits (templates, themes, widgets, modules, etc.) will be made available individually through the Sitefinity marketplace.

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  1. Alex Dec 08, 2010
    What a great idea. Does this mean we can use these starter kits as a basis for a real project? I'm guessing so but just wanted clarification. The only bad part is that I have to wait :) I'm really wanting some in depth information on creating custom modules. I know you have a bit of info into the SDK but really want to know about creating my own types and integrating into Sitefinity. I'm guessing something like the Real Estate starter kit would use custom types instead of extending document.
    Oh well, late Christmas present...
  2. Steve Dec 08, 2010
    Any chance of getting these starter kits early?  i am just about to do a site for a non-profit (charity) and would love to have a base to work from.
  3. Garry Clark Dec 10, 2010
    I assume that most of the functionality of these starter kits will be modular so we can mix and match them correct? So in other words if I want to combine the paypal and the donation pieces of the Charity starter kit and the fnctionality of the Intrante it would simply be a matter of extracting those modules and installing them into my Sitefinity site correct?

    If that is the case will those modules also be offered in the Mrketplace?

  4. Michiel Dec 14, 2010
    We are looking to develop a site using Sitefinity 4 and having the starter kits today would be of tremendous help. Could one of these be released in an early alpha/beta/rc form?
  5. Brad Nickel Dec 16, 2010
    Dear Telerik,

    I don't follow your blog nor do I keep up with much of anything that goes on here, but I am a Telerik customer and am decidedly disturbed that you have development resources working on anything but getting the horrendously late 4.0 version of your product to market. I understand that the resources likely are different than what are needed for the main product, but you really need to figure out that it is a perception thing and you guys are WAY behind the rest of the world in releasing new products. This had better be the most rock solid release of a software product ever, because we've been waiting on it long enough to have upgraded any other CMS 5-10 times. 

    Brad Nickel
  6. Grisha 'Greg' Karanikolov Dec 23, 2010
    Hey guys,
    Here are some comments on the above:
    @ Alex - absolutely, we are planning to use the starter kits for several purposes:
    - to demonstrate what you can achieve with Sitefinity;
    - to create some custom functionalities that will most probably also release for download on our Marketplace
    - to provide these kits as a good starting point for new website projects.

    @Steve - I do believe the kits will be ready for the official release. We might release a few sample modules prior to that, though.

    @Garry - absolutely, that's the idea :-)

    @ Michiel - I'm not sure if we would be able to release something in beta prior to the preset date, Michiel. However we'll do our best to provide as many samples/materials as possible. I or Gabe will update this when there's an update!

    @ Brad - you are correct - the development of Sitefinity 4.0 took us quite some time. As you know, though, Sitefinity 4.0 is not just a service pack for Sitefinity 3.7. It's the system rebuilt from the ground up, with all our community's feedback taken into consideration, which tons of new features, developer productivity enhancements, extensibility options... The list can go on. The Sitefinity team is one of the most numerous here in Telerik, and we have it dedicated on producing The CMS.
    Also, as mentioned above we have mainly our partners working on the development of the starter kits, . We have several solutions consultants involved in these projects as well, but our hardcore coders are all busy with delivering more than expected for the official release!


    Best regards,
    Grisha 'Greg' Karanikolov
    Sitefinity Solutions Consultant

  7. Chris Williams Dec 23, 2010
    I'm kind of in the same camp as Brad.  Given that it seems like you re-wrote every line of code in the app, it will be a long time and several service packs before I feel comfortable even testing this for a production candidate.

    I really wish Sitefinity 4 hadn't been so big and so late.
  8. Preetham Reddy Jan 05, 2011
    Any update on this? I am planning to use some of these templates for my AZ GiveCamp project on Jan 14th 2010 and would like to have access to these templates before hand so that I could play with them and be ready for the givecamp weekend.

  9. John Jan 18, 2011
    Are these relased yet?


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