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Follow the status of your Sitefinity requests & vote to make your voice heard

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Introducing Sitefinity to Telerik's Public Issue Tracking SystemEarlier today, Sitefinity was officially added to Telerik’s Public Issue Tracking System (PITS).  PITS shows the current development status of bugs and features that have been logged in the internal Telerik issue system. It is a "window" which provides a peek into the Telerik development process, but with the ability to comment, vote and raise the priority of a given problem.

5 great features of PITS:

  1. Visibility into the Sitefinity development process
  2. Submit new issues or feature suggestions
  3. Vote for issues that are important to you
  4. Comment on any issue to provide details or advice
  5. “Follow” the status of a problem to receive updates

How does it work?

  1. Telerik support officers evaluate all support tickets, and log confirmed bug reports and approved feature requests in PITS. If an issue reported by you is logged, you will receive a link to the PITS issue.
  2. Everyone can rate, comment, and affect the priority of any logged issue, including yours.
  3. You can follow the status of your reported problem. You can also watch track issues reported by other users.
  4. You get a notification when a problem is fixed or a feature is implemented with a link to the respective build.

More information about PITS can be found here.

Give it a try, but we’re still adding items…

Currently there are only a small number of Sitefinity issues visible on PITS.  We’re working to make additional items from our backlog visible.  If a past suggestion isn’t visible, don’t be concerned.  There is an extra step that is needed to make the issue publicly visible and we’re still working through our list.

Click here to check out PITS and please provide feedback!

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