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Register for the ‘Sitefinity 4 Modules Made Simple’ webinar

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There are 2 days remaining to register for the upcoming ‘Sitefinity 4 Modules Made Simple’ webinar. 

In this webinar, Josh Morales & I will demonstrate how to create a custom Intra-site module for Sitefinity 4.x.   Intra-site modules are based on ASP.NET User Controls and extremely easy for .NET developers to learn & build.  During this webinar, you will learn how to create new Sitefinity administrative interfaces, how to create a new data layer and how to add custom widgets. 

Inspired by real-world customer requests

We already have several resources available for module creation in Sitefinity.  (Check out the SDK for Module samples.)  However, this is an advanced topic and requires more time than many customers have available.

These customers were looking for quick solutions to small problems.  Specifically:

  1. Make use of existing code that was created for previous web sites.
  2. Utilize familiar technologies, reduce the learning curve.

This webinar is focused on getting the job done fast using technologies you already understand.  However, there are always trade-offs.  By taking the fast road, it eliminates some of the advantages enjoyed by full Sitefinity modules.

Please attend to learn more

All of this will be explained during the webinar.  Please register to attend.


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  1. Stuart Hemming Jun 29, 2011
    I don't know if this is an apporpriate question, but I want to create a module that is used for both data collection and visualisation, requiring a number of widgets; a form (for data collection), a grid and some charts for data visualisation.

    Will the webinar cover something like this (creating multiple widgets for a module, not solving my specific problem)?
  2. Josh Jun 30, 2011
    The module we're building is relatively simple, but the overall goal is to give you a starting point to solve such a problem. Creating multiple widgets is as simple as adding another user control and registering it in a backend page or the front-end toolbox. This webinar will show you how to do both.

    Hope you find this and the webinar helpful!

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