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Vote for Sitefinity in the DevProConnections Awards

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DPC_VoteNow-2011The annual DevProConnections Awards is upon us and Telerik has 20 of its products (including Sitefinity) nominated for various categories.  The volume of coverage represented by Telerik’s product portfolio is evidence of how comprehensive the Telerik “toolbox” has become.

Please help us by voting for your favorite Telerik products:

  1. Visit the DevProConnections Awards Survey
  2. Vote for "Telerik" anywhere you see us nominated!

Your support means a lot to us! 

Below is a summary of where Telerik products have been nominated:

# Category Telerik Product
01. Add-in Telerik JustCode
02. Charting & Graphics Tool Telerik RadChart for ASP.NET AJAX
03. Community Resource Telerik Community Site
04. Component Set Telerik Ultimate Collection
05. Content Management System Telerik Sitefinity
06. Forum Application Telerik Sitefinity Forums
07. Grid Telerik RadGrid for ASP.NET AJAX
08. Memory Management/Profiling Telerik JustTrace
09. Navigation Control Telerik RadMenu for ASP.NET AJAX
10. Online Editor Telerik RadEditor for ASP.NET AJAX
11. Printing Reporting Tool Telerik Reporting
12. Project Management/Defect Tracking  Telerik TeamPulse
13. Scheduling/Calendar Tool Telerik RadScheduler for ASP.NET AJAX
14. SharePoint Development Tool Telerik AJAX Controls for SharePoint
15. Silverlight Product Telerik RadControls for Silverlight
16. Testing/QA Tool Telerik Test Studio
17. Training Telerik Training
18. Utility Telerik JustDecompile
19. Free Tool Telerik JustDecompile
20. Best Vendor Support Telerik


Thanks again!


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  1. A Venting Client ;-) Aug 31, 2011
    Not sure I'll vote for a product that was release in January 2011 and was a nightmare to work with. Now that 4.2 is out with most of the functions that was marketed that are actually working, maybe next year I will vote for it. For now, Sitefinity is not in my top list of CMS to dev on it.
    Sitefinity 4.2 and up does look promising but Telerik needs to understand that coming out too early with a product that is not fully functional has consquences on your co image.
    Need to specify that Telerik did push back the renewal of our license to July and did come out with a good product in August 2011.

    PS: I've been using Telerik products for 5 yrs now and always been very happy with their products. But Sitefinity 4 was a big deception for the first 6 months.
  2. Gabe Sumner Aug 31, 2011
    I certainly understand the rough patches early 4.0 adopters experienced.  Although I'm happy to hear that the outlook looks brighter with the 4.2 release.  This reassures me that we're on the right track.  Feel free to vote for other Telerik products.  Regarding next year, we'll work hard to earn your Sitefinity vote.

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