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Sitefinity’s roadmap for the remainder of 2011

by User Not Found

Last week, the Sitefinity team published the roadmap for the remainder of 2011.  This roadmap includes 2 major releases and 1 service pack.  The major enhancements found in these releases are divided into Sitefinity features and Ecommerce features.

Below I’ve posted a summary of what’s still to come for Sitefinity in 2011:

Upcoming Sitefinity Features

  • Site synchronization
  • Module builder tool
  • Email campaigns
  • Image editor
  • Azure support
  • Migration tool
  • Social bookmarks widget
  • Blogs list widget

More details about these features can be found on our roadmapSpeaking personally, it’s hard for me to pick a favorite from the list above.  However, I’m extremely anxious to see the Module builder tool.  Custom content types is a common use-case and I’m anxious to explore solutions that don’t involve a full-fledged custom module.

Upcoming Ecommerce Features

  • Google Conversion Tracking
  • Template-driven Email to customer
  • Department Widget
  • Post-purchase processing hook
  • Added links to “Change Info” during Checkout
  • Order Invoice Widget
  • Multiple languages
  • Implement SagePay Direct
  • Payment Provider Model
  • Implement Authorize/Capture process for Authorize.NET and PayPal PayFlowPro
  • Coupons
  • Add-to-Cart option to go to shopping cart
  • Fluent API Implementation
  • Product Variations
  • PayPal Express Checkout
  • Additional Logging
  • Additional Backend Filters
  • Narrow tax by county, city, zip code range
  • Donations
  • Add-on’s
  • Related Products
  • Recently Viewed Products Widget
  • Product Reviews

Sitefinity’s Ecommerce module is still young (v1).  When we previewed Sitefinity Ecommerce we committed to rapid expansion of our Ecommerce capabilities.  This list demonstrates this rapid pace.

Final Thoughts

What isn’t mentioned on this roadmap are the continuous improvements the team is making to the core product.  We’ve made big improvements with regard to Sitefinity’s performance which improves the entire platform.   Each release is becoming faster and more polished and there are many more core optimizations and improvements still planned for this year.   Give the roadmap a look and we welcome your feedback.


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  1. kz Sep 20, 2011
    Looks great. Would have loved to have seen custom layout properties being added.
  2. Pavol Kokinda Oct 03, 2011
    Yes great, but my current customer wait for Forums module. On Sitefinity webinars was spoken, that the Forums module will be available till end 2011, but in current Roadmap is no Forums module :( ... Will be available at all ?

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