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What’s new in Sitefinity for Q3 2011

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This has been a huge week for Telerik products.  Throughout this week we’ve had webinars exploring the new features available in each new release of Telerik’s many products.  This included Sitefinity CMS where we explored the new Ecommerce features, the Image Editor, Performance Improvements and the new Social Media widgets.  In addition, attendees received a preview of Sitefinity 4.4’s Module Builder and Site Synchronization.

For anyone who missed it, this webinar was recorded and is now available on Telerik TV.


Sitefinity 4.4 will help you build faster than ever

One of our primary priorities for Sitefinity 4 was to create a re-engineered platform that would enable the system to be extended in ways not possible in Sitefinity 3.  This resulted in a re-architected platform with extremely deep support for customization.  However, wielding this powerful new platform involved a significant amount of study.  This created complications for customers who needed to deliver rapid results on a fixed timeframe.

Sitefinity’s upcoming Module Builder is our solution for enabling developers to quickly create customizations, while still providing a framework that empowers developers to use their existing .NET experience to reshape the system.

This Module Builder will be available in Sitefinity 4.4.  However, for now you can watch a preview in the webinar above, or in this video:

For Sitefinity 3 customers, now is the time to upgrade

When Sitefinity 4.0 was released it was…challenging…to migrate a Sitefinity 3.x website to this new platform.  Since that time we’ve delivered 4 major releases, 4 minor releases and another release still planned this year.  In addition, we’ve invested heavily in a Migration Tool and worked with dozens of customers to migrate their web sites using this tool.

In 2012 we’re going to deliver a whole new stream of benefits and we want our entire customer pool to benefit from these continuous enhancements.  Customers who are “stuck” on 3.x are not able to utilize these new benefits and that is unfortunate for everyone involved.

Getting everyone on the Sitefinity 4 platform is an immense priority for us.  The Migration Tool is part of this effort, but we’ve also created $thousands$ of dollars worth of discounts in Q4 to enable customers to make the leap forward to Sitefinity 4.

Click here to begin your journey from Sitefinity 3 to Sitefinity 4.

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