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Come see Sitefinity 5.0 and lots of new Telerik Q1 Features

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It’s that time again; 3 times per year Telerik delivers updates across its entire portfolio of products.  Then, during a full week of webinars, my evangelism colleagues & I show what’s new in each of these releases.  These webinars include free licenses, contests and lots of great information.

The Schedule

Date Time Topic
Monday, Feb 20 9:30 AM XAML (Silverlight & WPF)
  11:00 AM Test Studio
  12:30 PM Data Tools
  2:00 PM WinForms & Reporting
Tuesday, Feb 21 9:30 AM AJAX & MVC
  11:00 AM Tools for Better Code
  12:30 PM Windows Phone
Wednesday, Feb 22 9:30 AM Kendo UI (HTML5)
  11:00 AM Sitefinity 5.0
  12:30 PM TeamPulse (Agile Project Mgmt)

Register to attend.

The Prizes

Live attendees for each webinar will have an opportunity to win a free Telerik license for the product shown in the webinar.  This means most webinars will be giving away a free Telerik Ultimate Collection license.  However, TeamPulse, Sitefinity and Test Studio will giveaway licenses for those products.

On Twitter you’ll also have a chance to win an Ultimate Collection license by Tweeting why you love #Telerik.

Regarding Sitefinity 5.0…

The major highlights for this release include:

  • Mobile features – including previews, client detection and….  (just attend, you’ll want to see this)
  • Sitefinity Thunder – Visual Studio plug-in
  • Forums module
  • Windows Authentication support
  • Single Sign-on Support
    • Module Builder enhancements
    • Support for digital Ecommerce products
    • And more…

You’ll want to see all of these new features in action.  Furthermore, by attending live you’ll have a chance to win a license of Sitefinity. 

Please register to attend.


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  1. Steve Feb 09, 2012
    Hey Gabe, I just noticed the Mobile features are listed as only being included with the Professional and Enterprise Editions....please tell me this isn't true!

    This feels like the 4.0 release all over again. The price hike of 4.0 was steep enough, at least keep essential features like mobile development in the Standard version.
  2. Richard Leung Feb 23, 2012
    If you didn't watch the webinar... it's true!
  3. Richard Leung Feb 23, 2012
    Any chance of the webinar being posted online so I can re-watch ?

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