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Make your Sitefinity web site more navigable with the Breadcrumb widget

by User Not Found

What is this page?  How do I get back to where I was?  For large web sites it's relatively easy for customers to become lost or navigate to a section where they feel they cannot escape.  Breadcrumb navigation is a tried & true technique for giving visitors a “You are here” reference for where they are in the web site, while simultaneously providing an easy way to backtrack to previous pages.

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Included in Sitefinity 5.0 is a Breadcrumb Navigation widget that makes it effortless to add this style of navigation to your website.  This short 3-minute video demonstrates how to use this widget on your web site.

How to use Sitefinity’s Breadcrumb Navigation Widget

The breadcrumb widget can be found in the “Navigation” section of Sitefinity’s page widgets:

Navigation section - under this section Navigation, Archive, Language Selector and Breadcrumb

Once the widget has been placed on to the page it can be customized using a variety of options:


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  1. Patrick Julicher Mar 27, 2012
    Just gave it a quick try and it seems that the Home link disappears in a multilingual website in all languages but English!
  2. Gunnar Apr 11, 2012
    Try with adding translated web pages deviating from your original english startpage. That should solve your problem.
  3. Jimmy Oct 24, 2012

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