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How Sitefinity helps prevent broken page links

by User Not Found

I was recently chatting with our sales team and learned that several customers did not know they could move pages by simply dragging & dropping them to a new location in Sitefinity’s page manager.

This is nice little feature that makes it quick & easy to organize the website.  Not only can pages be relocated, but the order of pages can also be determined by dragging & dropping the page between existing pages:

These changes will then be reflected immediately in the site navigation:

And in the page URL:

In addition, Sitefinity will preserve the old URL’s by automatically tracking the old URL and generating an HTTP 301 redirect to direct.  This will ensure the old URL’s continue to work and search engines will be notified that the webpage has moved permanently.

See it in action…


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  1. Mike Apr 03, 2012
    So... did v5 fix the weird system where URLs deopend on the user control on a page? Because until that is resolved, I don't think Sitefinity can be said to be a search engine friendly CMS, you know, when all your URL's change when you move a widget...
  2. Developer Apr 04, 2012
    Very helpful blog post indeed. Please next time post about how to click on buttons and how to select text with the mouse.
  3. Editor Jul 25, 2016
    Would there be any reason this would cause the link to send the site user to the "authenticate login" page for Sitefinity? We are experiencing that error with pages that have additional URLs like the above.

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