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  • Sitefinity Thunder - why you need it, how to install and set it up

    Sitefinity Thunder is a free plug-in for Visual Studio. It’s been a great help for Sitefinity developers, as it offers a lot of features which make our lives easier. In this post, I’ll make a summary of some of the most important features it holds, I’ll take you through the ...
  • Creating Responsive Sitefinity Navigation

    Web analysts and experts have already overloaded us with statistics showing that worldwide by 2014, mobile devices will dominate over desktops and laptops in terms of usage for accessing websites. That pushes web administrators worldwide to create their mobile strategy and make their websites partially or fully mobile friendly. Sitefinity ...
  • A/B and Multivariate Testing with Sitefinity CMS and Google Experiments

    Understanding the impact of your website on your visitors becomes almost as important as having a web page in the first place. Usually each page of your website has a specific goal – to capture the attention, to inform or call to a specific action, like filling up a form ...
  • Styling a Sitefinity website

    Flexibility and robustness when designing a website are key factors when working CMS. Having to learn a CMS-specific templating pattern is a no-go, especially if you are on a tight deadline. That is why we made designing a Sitefinity website a task you already know how to do quickly, as ...
  • Installing the Template Importer module in Sitefinity

    Recently I’ve been receiving requests for help with the installation of the Template Importer module included in the Sitefinity SDK into an existing Sitefinity project. I’ve decided to create a blog post and a  video to record the whole process. Generally, the steps that I will list below could ...
  • Sitefinity performance boosters - keeping your pages warm

     A question I’ve received multiple times is “Why is it taking so long to load Sitefinity the first time after I recycle my application pool/restart my server/make change in my web.config file, etc"? The answer is simple – it’s how .NET works! Sitefinity is an ASP.NET web application. As such, ...
  • Forcing authors to use your predefined CSS classes to style their content in Sitefinity 5

    Coming from this blog post, I wanted to highlight the way the Sitefinity team made it easier to change the configuration of the WYSIWYG editor that is used in various places throughout the CMS. You don’t even have to enter the “Advanced” section of the administration of Sitefinity, as ...
  • The benefit of having a system built on the provider model

    One of the great advantages of Sitefinity is its flexibility and extensibility. A significant contribution for this has been made by the provider model that was chosen as essential part of Sitefinity’s architecture. In simple words, what it gives you is the ability to connect Sitefinity to different data repositories ...
  • Skinning the Sitefinity Navigation

    Ever seen a website with no navigation? I certainly haven’t.  It’s an essential element in every website and there’s a golden rule that the navigation has to be visually appealing and has to really do the job of helping your visitors find their way through your website easily. Sitefinity helps ...
  • Adding validations to fields in the Sitefinity Form builder

    The Forms module is one of the new great features we introduced in Sitefinity 4. You can use it to robustly build various user interaction forms, polls, questionnaires and more with the intuitive Sitefinity drag-and-drop interface. Today we’ll explore the option to add validation to the text boxes, which are ...
  • Customizing the Sitefinity WYSIWYG Editor

    The Telerik RadEditor is the first of the RadControls, a tool with long history that has undergone huge improvements ever since its first edition back in 2002. It is the core of the Sitefinity rich text WYSIWYG editor, that is used in a number of locations (Content Blocks, new content ...
  • Localizing the administrative backend of Sitefinity

    Sitefinity now allows you to have the administrative backend translated easily into any language. We have prepared 8 translations that you can download and plug into the system right away! Here is what you need to do: Download the Sitefinity backend language pack you would like to use from the ...